Discovering the Erebus: Mysteries of the Franklin Voyage Revealed

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Seeking the unknown, braving the hardness of the North - the ill-fated Franklin Expedition has become an enigmatic part of Canadian national identity. Many have sought to unravel the mystery of what really happened to Sir John Franklin and his crew. Now, 169 years after they set forth, an exciting discovery - the ship Erebus has been found.

On February 3, 2015 experts Marc-André Bernier and Adrian Schimnowski shared their experiences of the hunt for Franklin. The lecture explored recent discoveries and artifacts, underwater archaeology and what comes next in piecing together the real story of the Franklin Expedition.

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Dr Mugs
Dr Mugs 2 години тому
Seems this is a sneeky way to tout the CLIMATE CHANGE GARBAGE... to which they are now saying...oh....the world is getting colder....oh no!!!!
Dr Mugs
Dr Mugs 2 години тому
This is excellent for insomnia and needing to fall asleep. I highly recommend for that purpose
Sheila E
Sheila E 2 години тому
I had to fast forward
Joel Chavez
Joel Chavez 2 дні тому
This was very hard to watch, long and tedious. One of the better, short, documentaries I have seen about the Franklin Expedition was called 'Buried in Ice', made in 1988. Well worth watching.
Jeremy Fisher
Jeremy Fisher День тому
Sounds like you struggled a bit?
Victoria Brewer
Victoria Brewer 2 дні тому
I like the narrators voice.
Steven Gill
Steven Gill 2 дні тому
Couple more years and a circumpolar trip will be a cool but not too uncomfortable slog across muddy shorelines and long kayak trips. With good fishing gear we'll be able to enjoy the sights of greening brush and occasional snow. As the arctic warms, it'll become hard to visualize the harrowing conditions these explorers experienced.
Flat Earth To Hyperborea
Flat Earth To Hyperborea 4 дні тому
Nice CGI Space Ball.
BeesWaxMinder 5 днів тому
Was the Franklin Expedition in ANY way successful? Did they find out what caused the premature ending of their Mission Were any human remains found on board & were they ‘laid to rest’ or left with the ship? Was Franklin’s body/grave discovered?
BeesWaxMinder 3 дні тому
@Zach I guess preparedness is everything Well we’re they able to find or chart some sort of a passage through or were able to claim territorial rights or something that enabled the passage that everyone was looking for for a trade route, in the end? I mean, did they it anyway, in death, be helpful to their country was it a complete failure from start to finish? Thanks for your time!
Zach 3 дні тому
Alot of bodies have been found, but none with the ships afaik, they walked overland to try to escape, they’ve found skeletal remains at old campsites. The mission wasnt ended premature, the real issue was neverending. They didnt have enough fuel, food and supplies to be stuck in the pack ice for 2+ years, which they were. In addition to that there was the possibility of lead poisoning from the tinned food, and of scurvy which would not have helped the situation of being stuck in a frozen sea for years.
PETER HUNYA 6 днів тому
Thanks for the upload! Great men! Heros!
Era bom que fosse DUBLADO
norseman43211 7 днів тому
Canadian citizen ship used to be very selective. Not now , anybody from the dark hole in Calcutta can call themselves Canadian.
R Roulette
R Roulette 6 днів тому
Welcome to the new world order
brian low
brian low 8 днів тому
Tis lectures r de reasons I kwit univercity!!! …zzZ
The Mourning
The Mourning 10 днів тому
If Caribou and Muskox will let you walk up to them how in the hell did the Franklin expedition starve to death
Richard Strach Messerschmit inc
Richard Strach Messerschmit inc 12 днів тому
🦆 I found a Duck , quack quack
Beez 12 днів тому
Centre for international governance innovation - no thanks!!!
b D
b D 13 днів тому
My 5th great grandfather was on this expedition and wrote his wife when they arrived in the arctic. By the way they found it wasn't lead poisoning that killed the first two. Scientists found that higher levels of lead are found after the body dies, all the lead already in the body of the person (common at the time) goes into the hair and nails (still growing at after death for some time) making it appear that there was increased levels of lead at the time of death. They found the real reason but I can't remember what it was.
slb159 4 дні тому
Your hair and nails are composed of the protein Keratin, the same substance as baleen in whales. In order for your body to continue producing it, the molecular machinery of protein translation would still have to be active. This ceases to happen after death. What happens is your skin dehydrates after death and recedes (shrinks), giving the illusion that your nails have indeed grown.
Oliver Von arx
Oliver Von arx 4 дні тому
‘Still growing’? When dead it’s dead. No growing anything anymore.
Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes 4 дні тому
Ha ha ha Oh thats funny.
chris Kane
chris Kane 6 днів тому
eye musician
eye musician 14 днів тому
The ships were made up of masons who tried to go through the icewall in order to find the continent 'the iron republic ' far more advanced than us..but there hardly going to tell you that 🤔
DMac740 14 днів тому
What a terrible be presentation how can you make so a story of adventure so boring get these guy's off that stage.
Thomas Main
Thomas Main 15 днів тому
I agree
christianpnorris 17 днів тому
Blah blah blah much? Blah bye.
Hayden H
Hayden H 17 днів тому
Hmmm, a long introduction and more adu.
Matthew Kintzel
Matthew Kintzel 17 днів тому
Mention climate change more
Chip Cook
Chip Cook 18 днів тому
So morally superior in 2015. Oh, Canada.
Fanima Dekoi
Fanima Dekoi 20 днів тому
they confiscated people's phones. fuck these losers and their loser discovery
Ronald Dailey
Ronald Dailey 27 днів тому
Knock off with the climate change, it's not real. Say a lie long enough and people will believe it. look up what the Greenland ice samples discovered.
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco 27 днів тому
Are they applying for work...😂😂😂 get to the search man...
Arrrgonot *
Arrrgonot * Місяць тому
This lecture is a mystery unto itself
Mario Morais
Mario Morais Місяць тому
Wath changes?
Richard Strach Messerschmit inc
Richard Strach Messerschmit inc Місяць тому
Who could have ever predicted that wooden sail ships couldn’t catch enough wind to make it thru the NWP on schedule or over pack ice ? Save DUH planet
G.L. Місяць тому
What a Borefest
Jill Evers
Jill Evers Місяць тому
I ask everyone to answer one question. How many people do you know personally that have died of covid?? Then ask how many people you know have it or even had it. I bet many of you know one or LESS. I lived in a major east coast city and I knew of not one case. No neighbors, friends or family and I have 5 brothers and sisters who all have teenage kids. COVID was over blown and media porn. There are 340 Million people in the US. Less than .03 have died. Sorry that is sad but it's not what happened during the Spanish flu.
Jill Evers
Jill Evers Місяць тому
Dave, I've been asking this question for over a year. I was one of 100,000 airline employees laid off and I'm at home BEING PAID b/c the Congress foolishly gave the big airlines $45 BILLION dollars.YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. I'm getting my full salary and they have not called me back to help with all the problems at the airports.... OUR BORDERS SHOULD BE CLOSED. .PERIOD! Canada is. The UK is....there is way more going on with COVID than what we are being told.
Roger Parker
Roger Parker Місяць тому
The Earth is Flat.
alexspareone too
alexspareone too Місяць тому
The intro was good...then its soul destryingly boring
OBX ARMS Місяць тому
"Center For International Governance" How presumptuous to think that you freaks deserve to govern anything.....What a ridiculous canard so called climate change is. Noone believes in your contrived global crisis no matter how useful it might be in your quest to RULE, excuse me..."Govern". Yes , that word sounds so much more polite doesn't it? lol
Jeshua Satterlee
Jeshua Satterlee Місяць тому
We already have international governance it’s called the United States of China lol
wayne thomas
wayne thomas Місяць тому
Everything seem to have to be framed in the context of climate change. Why was it so necessary to emphasize the study of climate change especially when it doesn't relate at all to the story at hand. It's as if a story can't be told without pointing out the evils of carbon footprints and man created damage. I mean...just tell the damn story! Right? Is it just me or did it seem rather unnecessary to bring the topic up here?
Jason Charles
Jason Charles Місяць тому
Yes, very unnecessary, and excuse my french, Stupid!
Butthole TheBarbarian
Butthole TheBarbarian Місяць тому
Ty for saving me 1 hour and 43 mins.
JOHNY RHUAZZ 777 Місяць тому
Shit sound cant listen.
Migue Місяць тому
Boring AF
rob379 Місяць тому
WTF? Thousands of boats have lost 10s of thousands lives lost. Bottom line is: How many millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars were dispensed on this??? Will you provide that transparency of my/our dollars?
James Fyffe
James Fyffe Місяць тому
🖕🏽 here’s your climate change !
Troy H
Troy H Місяць тому
Word to the wise. Don't call your ship Erebus.
anne lawler
anne lawler Місяць тому
The volume on this video is far too low with all volume wide open. Sorry but I cant understand it.
john jephcote
john jephcote Місяць тому
I remember reading Andrew Lambert's book (2009 Faber & faber). In it he charts the long history of Sabine and others in mapping world-wide magnetic observations. Ultimately, this quest moved north to determine the Magnetic Pole. As searches proved fairly fruitless and the Admiralty tired of the expense, Lady Franklin determined to raise funds by any means to continue the search. The Americans found an opportunity here. As the newspapers, especially in Britain, were still captivated by the mystery, the idea that they were searching for the NW Passage took a much more commanding hold in the popular imagination; Lady Franklin was, naturally, willing to go along with this if it brought in funds. It was a by-product of the searches that much of the area was mapped and, ultimately, the Passage as well.
Joseph George
Joseph George Місяць тому
Boy people were stupid back then did think this was going to be a cake walk
Wabbit N Red
Wabbit N Red Місяць тому
I hope the doggy left to find food!!
tvSquareEyes Місяць тому
Eskimo pie ... Weather balloon or Reptilians & filthy murdering governments... 100 years latter, just another weather balloon - move along
Mike Horan
Mike Horan Місяць тому
For a lecture on the "Franklin" expedition, they sure do side=track/
WR MacDonald
WR MacDonald 29 днів тому
Laura Flynn
Laura Flynn Місяць тому
Uhm, erm, uh uh
Deb Fletcher Wins
Deb Fletcher Wins Місяць тому
Thank God it's over!!!
Me Me
Me Me Місяць тому
You should make it clear this is a lecture and not a documentary
joshua taylor
joshua taylor Місяць тому
They all died of the exposure of winter
joshua taylor
joshua taylor Місяць тому
If they would of had Eskimo’s with them they would have survived
Ally DeRaaf
Ally DeRaaf Місяць тому
They prefer to be called Inuit not Eskimos
Green-Eyed Child
Green-Eyed Child Місяць тому
well your hardly done with this search until you find those men.
Rob Seabrook
Rob Seabrook Місяць тому
f the commie Trudeau regime...traitor in need of justice
riddell26 Місяць тому
Climate change is a natural cycle, and humanity has no control over it.
Samantha Aisha Lee
Samantha Aisha Lee Місяць тому
today thery are killing whales using tech that hurts them fuck sonar
carrue ross
carrue ross 2 місяці тому
This is a fascinating exploration. What an experience all those scientists must have had! 🌟✨⭐️
Classic Cars and Motorhomes
Classic Cars and Motorhomes 2 місяці тому
Every other line bemoaning climate change. No doubt another godamn hoax.
Andy Crowley
Andy Crowley 2 місяці тому
Incredibly boring video. Too bad. Like an episode of "The Walking Dead". A bad episode.
Dave powell
Dave powell 2 місяці тому
After 5mins although always obsessed with polar exploration I must go out and maybe some time.
BMClements85 2 місяці тому
Excellent sleep series
Haxx 2 місяці тому
This is an impressively boring series of presentations about a fascinating historical event
Universal Peace
Universal Peace 2 місяці тому
🙏🏻 ..just saved 100+ mins of ones' life 👌🏻
Suzie cream cheese
Suzie cream cheese 2 місяці тому
erudite fool
erudite fool 2 місяці тому
Ain't it! I'd hoped to learn something here, instead it was like looking at some guy and his mates holiday pictures, is there nowhere I can find out what they've found out? Listening to this I get the impression this is in the wrong hands. Disappointing.
Boom Crypto
Boom Crypto 2 місяці тому
I was just looking at your ground penetrating radar pic of the ship, it has kept me busy. So cool. Thanks
Shane Blankenship
Shane Blankenship 2 місяці тому
9:30 oh for Fucks Sake Getting ON WITH IT eYeEEaeDi!
Angus Owens
Angus Owens 2 місяці тому
Jim Wednt
Jim Wednt 2 місяці тому
I would love to see a show called "solved mysteries " that goes over the most incredible unsolved mysteries and explains what happened.
Jim Wednt
Jim Wednt 2 місяці тому
@Kevin Ferguson , yeah I know , thank you . I love that show with Robert Stack ! I've literally seen every episode at least 3 times . I watched it when I was a kid too , terrifying as it was lol. I even found a lot of the episodes on UKposts. I wish there was more mysteries explained, though ! I love a good investigation into mysteries and mysterious events !
Kevin Ferguson
Kevin Ferguson 2 місяці тому
Its called unsolved mysteries. The solved ones tell what happened.
Ben Meneley
Ben Meneley 2 місяці тому
Its Cambridge bay in the song Edmond Fitzgerald??? Or I'm i wrong?
Joseph Alcoff
Joseph Alcoff 2 місяці тому
Turned it off when they start referencing the 'climate change' BS ... smh
Terry Tolkin
Terry Tolkin 2 місяці тому
Y'all can drop in at 65:00 if you're here to see the (brief) airing of TWO underwater stills of the shipwreck. Apparently they shot no video footage, at least none that they wished to share with us anyway. Unless you've got some rambunctious 3 and 5 year olds who are restless and are up way past their bedtimes. In that case then I'd greatly encourage you to start this lecture at it's beginning. 17 minutes. That's the longest that either one of them has been able to fight off the embrace Soma. Personally, if I find myself having trouble falling asleep what I do is cue it up to about 45:00 when their second "PhD Droneologist" briefly storms the stage and somehow manages to out-stultify the monumental monotonous monotony of the first "PhD Droneologist". ....and they said that it couldn't be done! ;-)
Dan Tauche
Dan Tauche 2 місяці тому
Boring af
Sir André LeFae de L'inoge
Sir André LeFae de L'inoge 3 місяці тому
Ummm... errrrrm ... ahhhhh ... uhhhmm ... errrrrr ... ahemmm ...
Del 3 місяці тому
01:07:23 By the looks of it, someone did get "excited" alright when they found that bell.
a_ misanthrope
a_ misanthrope 3 місяці тому
Well, I WAS interested but 35 minutes in, all of the information given by that point could've been told in 5 minutes & so far everyone one of these dudes are well beyond what I would call boring. I have to stop. I was wide awake when it started but now I can hardly keep my eyes open. Listening to these dudes is equivalent to taking sedatives. Strong sedatives.
Deb Fletcher Wins
Deb Fletcher Wins Місяць тому
@David McallisterLol
Ford Galaxie
Ford Galaxie Місяць тому
Yes most university and professional scholars are mostly interested in sounding erudite and obtaining there tenure at whatever institution they are from, they are very careful not to rock boat by coming forth with any news or discoveries that would rock the status quo of offic8al historical record, or any that would seriously open up questions as to the scientific opinions of human origin on earth etc.
mwj5368 2 місяці тому
I have to laugh as I literally fell asleep about 10 minutes in, then woke at about 1:10:00 and stopped at 1:18:00!! I was also wondering about all the millions of dollars and time spent trying to find the missing crew when it was so obvious what happened, and so many years ago. I was intrigued years ago when they found the graves and studied the remains etc. It is a great tragedy, but if the crew members could somehow know what has transpired... they'd be flabbergasted over it all.
David Mcallister
David Mcallister 3 місяці тому
Then they have achieved their goal......boring people to death and calling it educating
dublinius 3 місяці тому
Tedious lecture by boring lecturers.
Gribbo9999 3 місяці тому
Is square kilometres the same as kilometres squared?
Dan Calcano
Dan Calcano 3 місяці тому
Wow.. Wake me up if anything happens.... I was trying to stay watching so i viupd see if anything happens but i fell aslepp again and again. I finally quit. at like 20 min in
5 Star Vids
5 Star Vids 3 місяці тому
Clickbait thumbnail diabolical
Jack Harrison
Jack Harrison 3 місяці тому
Well done, for Gabriel's question. But I was interested to hear on other videos, how much more of the Inuit accounts and advice was first dismissed by the Royal Navy; and that originally, they were just dismissed as savages. This showed the Navy's ignorance, considering the Inuit have lived and thrived there for many thousands of years. I hope those concerned in this project really DO involve the Inuit more, and in the search for Terror. Perhaps the whole story would have been radically different, had the Inuits been listened to and involved from the start of Franklin's expedition. I mean- trying to cross the ice greatly weakened/dying, whilst pulling brass curtain rods, piles of prayer/hymnbooks etc.
Jack Harrison
Jack Harrison 10 днів тому
@b D Of course they dismissed /ignored the Inuit. The whole exhibition fell to bits after Franklin's death. Amundsen . studied the Inuit culture etc and was better for it.
b D
b D 13 днів тому
The Royal Navy didn't dismiss it, they wanted to hide the cannibalism aspect because they wanted their sailors to appear more disciplined
Marc Tralnberg
Marc Tralnberg 3 місяці тому
It would make this even more fascinating to know more about the previous expedition that Franklin had been guided over land to the Arctic coast. Lead by the local Indians and Europeans before Franklin went back to England.
jake bohanon
jake bohanon 3 місяці тому
this put me to sleep last night...bald guy has smooth librarian voice
Pipi Wilson
Pipi Wilson 3 місяці тому
On a positive note, this can possibly cure insomnia.
Alfonso Venegas
Alfonso Venegas 26 днів тому
@Brooking House Of oooo
Alfonso Venegas
Alfonso Venegas 26 днів тому
@Salvadore Orozco lo okioo
Eric Carrington
Eric Carrington Місяць тому
Man you never lied!
Ahashdah Nagila
Ahashdah Nagila Місяць тому
@Pipi... Indeed! It nearly put me to sleep, too! The wondrous solemnity of the self-congratulatory tone hit the snooze button of my biological clock. (Shiver me timbers, boys!...and girls!)
Kim J
Kim J Місяць тому
Lol he is speaking so softly it’s like reading a story to a child and they fall asleep, I’ve come close watching this 😌
Jonny Splitz
Jonny Splitz 3 місяці тому
Love the intro
Jordan Cheadle
Jordan Cheadle 3 місяці тому
Most boring lecture ever
Micheal Currie
Micheal Currie 3 місяці тому
Arthur C. Clarke, fascinated and had his own theories.
caveman caveman
caveman caveman 3 місяці тому
Trawler converted to research vessel equals spy ship. Not guessing at this. I'm a yardbird from way back. As a side note....captaincaveman was the nickname given to me by my crew leader.
Margo Twenty
Margo Twenty 3 місяці тому
I'm not surprised at the cannibalism but how do we know it was not the Inuit who resource themselves from time to time in eating their own dead it might have been easier to eat someone else surely
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 4 місяці тому
When you die as we ALL will soon. 99.9 sooner than they think 🤔 will knell before JESUS. The One and only true Son of GOD Almighty, all others are false..Choose this day whom you'll serve. For if you don't it will be chosen for you and that is HELL Arguing with me is silly at best. Bc I'm just the messenger....
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris 4 місяці тому
In Short Scurvy
d hatchett
d hatchett 4 місяці тому
So will the U.S. Polaris Expedition 1871 get similar study . My great grandfather R.W.D. Bryan survived making it back to Boston 1876
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe 4 місяці тому
Fascinating. As someone who didn’t get much schooling to have this adventure these men set out on explained expands my knowledge. I love watching these UKposts posts I have learned so much over the years. Thank you Tommy in Peckham London.
NYC 008
NYC 008 4 місяці тому
I've derived more excitement sucking on a piece of cardboard than from this presentation...
Brett LeMay
Brett LeMay 4 місяці тому
skip the first 20 minutes to get past the intros and butt kissing.
reffoelcnu alouncelal
reffoelcnu alouncelal 4 місяці тому
Sorry but this was not very well put together ,
Pac Z
Pac Z 4 місяці тому
What does that hokey, melodramatic intro have to do with a lecture?
James Souza
James Souza 4 місяці тому
Ever notice how the clowns that lay out the narrative that they want us stuck on are quite talented at finding a way to toss climate change around? Martha's Vineyard is some pretty expensive real estate feel free to check this but about 3 or 4 years ago former pres Barrak Obama bought a property for 8+ million$ But nevermind the money Martha's Vineyard is an island just South of cape cod..Why did the bank make the note? 15 years fast? I thought the sea level was supposed to rise? REMEMBER? OBAMA dont seem worried about his house being orvertaken by the atlantic? All these rich pricks are all living by the sea..flying in private jets doing every thing we are told is bad for the planet and given guilt trips and even scolded and ridiculed over.Just sayin? Dosent that seem just a little odd to you?
Helmut Flieger
Helmut Flieger 4 місяці тому
I'm super interested in hearing the facts and details about the discovery of the Erebus. Guess I'll be getting those facts and details from some other source.
The Mob Seat
The Mob Seat 3 дні тому
@Gary Wheeler Just because you're boring doesn't make others of your race boring. Just like being black doesn't make you a good rapper.
The Mob Seat
The Mob Seat 3 дні тому
@Zari Ballard Yeah, racism is so funny!
Zari Ballard
Zari Ballard Місяць тому
@Gary Wheeler lolololol That is absolutely true! It is what it is...
Gary Wheeler
Gary Wheeler Місяць тому
@kollo duke : nothing personal, I am in my late 60's myself and a boring white guy. Just observing what is what. Am not trying to be overly negative. Sometimes you have to be old before you are allowed to make speeches...
kollo duke
kollo duke Місяць тому
@Gary Wheeler IM not cold nor boring [ i think ] and i have character, and am 57 . Your not racist but oldist , why have a go at the oldies ?
Keith H
Keith H 4 місяці тому
I wonder why the Franklin survivors did not meet up with the Eskimos for salvation as they were often seen by them ?.
SupportTheTeam 4 місяці тому
I believe the reasoning behind the local peoples didn't help them is because there was simple too many of them to feed
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