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Mark Santa Maria

Mark Santa Maria

Місяць тому

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Mark Santa Maria
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YetiMonster •
YetiMonster • Місяць тому
Mark you MUST attend the drift comp. Those drift guys have super scale super cool cars. It’s a crazy culture. Since it’s a comp the skill level will be over the top. Looks like a total blast.
Skree_fpv Місяць тому
I'd love to see that drift comp. I recently got into rwd drifting myself. I got a high end 1/24 scale car mainly because I can drift it on my little track in the house during winter. I'm not very good yet but it's so much fun. It'd be awesome to get a 1/10 scale but sadly there are no tracks anywhere near me.
MetallicRave Місяць тому
Do a comp video - extra exposure to RC Drift is what we need. Thanks for covering this chassis and giving DARC some showtime!
R.P. Місяць тому
Mark! I was leaving the Traxxas store yesterday as you were pulling in 😂 So close to being forever immortalized in a MSM video.
Milestone media
Milestone media Місяць тому
Why wouldn’t you of turned around?
NewBrand RC
NewBrand RC Місяць тому
A couple of months ago I went to Traxxas hoping to see mark. Sadly I didn’t see him, but I enjoyed being inside of Traxxas and getting a new RC car.
JQ Місяць тому
12:01 Salamat Mark, Awesome to see your getting back into trying drifting, love it! I'm sure you'll master the art of drifting. Love these drift cars, something different to the racers & bashers as drifting looks very graceful & relaxing. Yes please, would be great to see the real drift competition there.👍
theAessaya Місяць тому
As someone who got into drifting from off-road bashing, I feel like this has definitely taught me proper throttle control and steering. Something I make use of while bashing as well now.
Story Racing 387
Story Racing 387 Місяць тому
This actually pretty sweet coming from Redcat. I've only seen their "stock car" chassis in person. 👍 I picked up a new chassis myself recently. An MST FXX. It's a front motor layout, with a drive shaft. Haven't had a chance to run it yet. It needed new shocks and wheels. Glad to hear Evan likes drifting too!! Great video!!!! 👍 Yeah do the comp!!!
808tone Місяць тому
Would love to see some drift action
SavageJoe Місяць тому
Accidentally drifting while on dirt is an awesome feeling, intentionally trying to drift a drift car on a slick surface however I’m sure is very difficult. Awesome video as always.
Jay Mead
Jay Mead Місяць тому
Gyro makes it a lot easier than you would think, but takes some getting used to for sure
John John Crisostomo
John John Crisostomo Місяць тому
I don’t blame you, I can’t put my controller down either, it’s very therapeutic for me trying to work on that precision on the throttle and wheel time. That’s why I love this class of RC. Great review Pré and Salamat boy!
Mack Ali
Mack Ali Місяць тому
Love your videos Mark, your awesome. Love you collection of RC Cars!
AdrenLnFueledScholar Місяць тому
Heck yeah! I’ve thought about getting into drifting RC cars! Really happy to see this review come up! Love seeing your videos!
Cory Klabunde
Cory Klabunde Місяць тому
Definitely do more drift stuff too, let’s see that competition!
R/C Scotty Z
R/C Scotty Z Місяць тому
Wow , I never realized how detailed the drift “ world “ was.. Anything made of carbon fiber is supposed to be in my small collection🤣
Nutter Butters
Nutter Butters Місяць тому
Definitely cover the drift comp. Love the content. Keep up the great work!
craig sparks
craig sparks Місяць тому
Hey Mark I do drifting at my local track in the UK I love it and always watch your content and would like to see the drift track with the pros drifting keep up the gd work with the videos
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Місяць тому
You need to set the gyro end points with the tool they give you.
Scale Science
Scale Science Місяць тому
Love it!! We are definetly having fun with it!
John Patrick
John Patrick Місяць тому
Costing more than a RTR RMX 2.5 makes this a tough one, has some things going for it though. Can't wait for a comparison to come out from...someone...
RezRacer86 Місяць тому
I get Ridge Racer vibes from the body of this car, and I might get one once I finish my F104 build
Jhawk Місяць тому
I built the 1/24th driftart chassis with sensored brushless and man its the funnest rc ive ever had. So much fun
Joey Mendoza
Joey Mendoza Місяць тому
I really like how they based the body off the 400z concepts or the new Nissan Z. Would totally get one of these if I had the chance!
Chad Riddle
Chad Riddle Місяць тому
Yes come back I’d love to see pro drifting rc style
Justin Tam
Justin Tam Місяць тому
Yes please Mark, vlog the drift competition
Jamie H
Jamie H Місяць тому
Drifting is great. If they make a kit no electronics I'd like to try this chassis
Omega_RC Місяць тому
Awesome car Brotha! Looks pretty friggin good! 🤙🤙🤙
RobFRC Місяць тому
hell yeah show the drift comp🤘prolly gonna have sick tandems and drift trains
Jeff Mueller
Jeff Mueller Місяць тому
Yes.... please cover the comp!! I'm entered in the Missouri East. Love to see what the guys are doing in Texas!
Cliff L
Cliff L Місяць тому
I think you should check out the drift comp. It would be a cool video.
AuFamilyProspecting&SilverStacking Місяць тому
Awesome looking car right there Brother.
Homedude Місяць тому
Definitely come back and show the drift squad 😎
Austin O'Neal
Austin O'Neal Місяць тому
Dang that looks good. Almost as much as the HPI Subaru WRX that we haven't seen in years Q_Q
Michael Leone
Michael Leone Місяць тому
Definitely hit the comp Sir. Sounds fun to watch. Have a great day!
Mile High RC
Mile High RC Місяць тому
Mr Shane Mikula works at Redcat Racing. His brother Rob and him, together run Tandem RC in Mesa which is a dedicated 1/10 RWD Drift track. Honestly, Redcat is doing some awesome stuff and shouldn't be an underdog anymore imo
Joseph Trejo
Joseph Trejo Місяць тому
Can’t wait to get these in stock I’m going with the kit
Wamsley's Hangout!
Wamsley's Hangout! Місяць тому
would love to see a video of the drift comp. i might just be there!!!
xxkc007xx Місяць тому
Please go to the drift comp! I just started driving after racing oval and I love both disciplines.
nrtv20 Місяць тому
Heck yeah! Go check out that drift event! Great video
Dale Davis
Dale Davis Місяць тому
Yes go back to check out the comp, also take the Red Cats drifter with you to see what they say about it
Derek Keith
Derek Keith Місяць тому
Yes please for the drift comp.
Chris M
Chris M Місяць тому
I've been looking at these, the MST drift car or Team Associated Trophy Rat...I need something 10th scale RWD, and fun to play with.
2011kenkwik Місяць тому
Mark we would love to have you back!
Zachary Blanco
Zachary Blanco Місяць тому
I want you to come back so we can see some drifting that red cat was nice
Daniel Buchanan
Daniel Buchanan Місяць тому
I’m getting a Nissan Z car vibe out of this.
Don Evy
Don Evy Місяць тому
Next giveaway 🫣 sick video man would love if you made more videos at that drift track
Jesse Blamey
Jesse Blamey Місяць тому
Looks like the 370Z Wonder how these match up to the MST RMX 2.5 drift car
Codyson13 Місяць тому
It would be cool to see the comp
Ben Armendariz
Ben Armendariz Місяць тому
WOW! First time I've seen you at the winners podium🤣
Bobby Moore
Bobby Moore Місяць тому
that might not be a licensed body but that is one cool looking body
theAessaya Місяць тому
Yes! Come back and even participate yourself! It's super fun.
Bobby Lefebvre
Bobby Lefebvre Місяць тому
Good evening brother always cool video nice review enjoy the week great channel
T00LF00L Місяць тому
Let’s see the comp! 👍🏻
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Місяць тому
Yeah come back and film the drifting and cars that track is really cool!
jasong712 Місяць тому
I would call that a 400z look alike more so than an Aston Martin look alike.
Fish n Rc
Fish n Rc Місяць тому
Nothing against Drifting but unless it was a epic course I’d be bored after just a short time. But what do I know I’m a Crawler guy😂
Joanalyn Doromal
Joanalyn Doromal Місяць тому
The only problem about that rc is its made by redcat. I had alot of problems with my former redcat rc
K J Flyte
K J Flyte Місяць тому
Yokomo drift for the real win.
JFlyer1973 Місяць тому
Shoot the comp shoot the comp SHOOT THE COMP!!! Oh and one more thing Mark… Shoot the comp. 😁
Victor GARCIA Місяць тому
Yea please , show us some drifting
PeeJ Місяць тому
Did you set endpoint on gyro and controller ? Did you play with gain on gyro ? Other channel have show that out of the box the gyro endpoint are not set far enough and gain was pretty low. Seems like Redcat sent the car to every basher/crawler our there, who have next to zero knowledge on the basic drifting. Not sure its a good pub for them or the drift scene in general. Really not blaming you, you did represent the average guy getting the car out of the box and trying to drift something that is hard to drift because the electronic are not set correctly.
2_Dads_Gaming_Mikey Місяць тому
Has a 350z, mustang, DB6 mix up. Kinda like it.
cronic Місяць тому
Awd is more of gymkhana rig compared to rwd
fishinfool88 Місяць тому
Id urge anyone seriously looking into this, look elsewhere. MST and Yokomo both make rtr models that have actual aftermarket support and are much better. if your willing to build a kit, you can do much better around 4 bills. A yd2, RMX, or D5 will get you much farther. A revD RDX is THE goto kit for beginners, when its back in stock. You have to trim the plastic caliper on these to even get the steering angle you need.
oddeman Місяць тому
yes some drift videos will be fine.
Doug Gilreath
Doug Gilreath Місяць тому
That’s some steering angle.
Jeff Lary
Jeff Lary Місяць тому
I wanna see some real drifting. Go back 😉
CudaVeyronR34 Місяць тому
kinda looks like datsun 240z and a newer AM DBS combined
Piluli Місяць тому
I just got a traxxas slash 4x4 ultimate and it’s super fast and fun!
Blue Groove Modelsports
Blue Groove Modelsports Місяць тому
Nice drift car
Ruben Basurto
Ruben Basurto Місяць тому
That would be dope if you went to the event bro
Bobby Lefebvre
Bobby Lefebvre Місяць тому
Insane car
Jeremy Hustad
Jeremy Hustad Місяць тому
Very nice drift car, Looks like a Nissan 370z.
Jacob Cushman
Jacob Cushman Місяць тому
You guys have everything there in Texas for Rc.
Bobby Lefebvre
Bobby Lefebvre Місяць тому
Really nice set up do a drift video
Bobby Lefebvre
Bobby Lefebvre Місяць тому
I love drift cars working on one
Drago The Gecko
Drago The Gecko Місяць тому
Yes, check out the drift racing
NewBrand RC
NewBrand RC Місяць тому
I might have to get me one 😅
Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller Місяць тому
yeah lets check that drift place out!!
Future motoring detail / car audio
Future motoring detail / car audio Місяць тому
you need to set your gyro endpoints.
Sprint2911gt3rsr Місяць тому
you should check out the comp!
Rob Staley
Rob Staley Місяць тому
i love it, but i just wanna tape it to a broom handle and LARP with that bad boy as an enchanted RC Axe from the future.
__ RONNAFERD __ Місяць тому
I see the new Nissan Z in that body 👁️👁️
DavesCustomRC Місяць тому
I thought it was a new z but I was wrong 😭
DozerBoy Rc
DozerBoy Rc Місяць тому
Needs a few stickers bro!!
Raging Jokester
Raging Jokester Місяць тому
so the car isn't licensed, but it is 100% based on the new Nissan Z
KING D 757 RC Місяць тому
Go back I like to see drift racing.
jackalo626 Місяць тому
Yeah show the drift comp
gearshiv Місяць тому
Looks like it's based on the new Nissan prototype z
Brad Woods
Brad Woods Місяць тому
It was -25 here in Northern New York!
kendall thomas
kendall thomas Місяць тому
Looks like a Nissan Z type body
SoldierBoy3064 Місяць тому
interesting... doesn't cost that much
Chris Scott
Chris Scott Місяць тому
Looks a lot like the new Nissan Z.
NewBrand RC
NewBrand RC Місяць тому
Jackson S
Jackson S Місяць тому
The body looks like a Nissan 400Z kinda
m0b00st Місяць тому
Dude, the body is the new Nissan Z.
Your Fan
Your Fan Місяць тому
Thats like 6 car designs in one
Shawn Marshall
Shawn Marshall Місяць тому
It looks like Tesla made a 350z
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis Місяць тому
Drift comp!!!
CoachD RC
CoachD RC Місяць тому
Of course go to the drift comp
Ryan Markley
Ryan Markley Місяць тому
Looks like a Nissan 400z.
chester82gtstang Місяць тому
I thought it was supposed to be a rendition of the 400z
NewBrand RC
NewBrand RC Місяць тому
Me too
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