Deep Dive w/Scott: 7.0.0 fixes #adafruit
Wolf Mask #Timelapse #3DPrinting #adafruit
CircuitPython Day is August 6th 2021!
21 годину тому
Desk of Ladyada - Hot Summer Sunday Stemmas!
SHOW and TELL 7/21/2021 #ShowandTell
Peter Ovard
Peter Ovard Годину тому
I love this idea! I just got an Apple Watch, and I've been looking for an excuse to get some TPU filament. I can't wait to customize for small things I carry around!
chris wren
chris wren 10 годин тому
A question here for you , is this just to turn a 5v to a 3.3v so they last longer ? .
D 15 годин тому
I have been waiting for something like this for my co2 laser.....awesime-!
J M 18 годин тому
This is top notch and I kept my adabox subscription just to fund these unboxing videos in some small way.
C M День тому
I believe it's also the same for inverters? But unlike power supply, low frequency toroidal inverter is much more preferred (albeit pricier and heavier) since they generate less heat (can work nonstop) and are more reliable than high frequency inverters.
Rufus Smith
Rufus Smith День тому
I got Adabox 019 today! Yay! But... In the shipped code, the encoder counts the wrong direction! (clockwise is decrementing). Easy fix, just swap the pins when you define your rotary encoder. But still... Also I am seeing wonkiness with the speaker pin I am looking into... (found two different source codes on the adafruit site. the shipped one didn't toggle the speaker pin)
Penfold8 День тому
I miss seeing Collin's face, but I am happy that he is working with Adafruit!
Ephraim Westenberger
Ephraim Westenberger День тому
Thanks for that! Much apreciated! :)
D.K.Singer Dehradun
D.K.Singer Dehradun День тому
*This is a multi-purpose board for further progress*
D.K.Singer Dehradun
D.K.Singer Dehradun День тому
*I am Interested in Electronics, Knowledge of Spairs parts, working , Assembly work , With Diagram Base*
D.K.Singer Dehradun
D.K.Singer Dehradun День тому
*Very nice*
David Harms
David Harms День тому
Hold on now, you have 2 new RTC’s available in the Stemma QT form factor. That’s awesome! 👍🏻
TheWeepingCorpse День тому
Its not food safe? What if i use it monitor water flow to my carrot crop, can i still eat the carrots after?
Chilanka Samaraweera
Chilanka Samaraweera День тому
Chilanka Samaraweera
Chilanka Samaraweera День тому
Andy Muzzo
Andy Muzzo День тому
Are there any new alternatives to the Bluefruit EZ-Key - 12 Input Bluetooth HID Keyboard Controller - v1.2 now it’s been discontinued?
Jakob Halskov
Jakob Halskov День тому
These shorts are so great and nostalgic with Collin's voice! On top of that I really miss some longer videos featuring Collin diving into a geeky thing or niche subject. Take care :)
Andrew День тому
Question, for the adafruit soundboard how would I code the ecto1 siren with wind up, looping siren on first press, and wind down on the second button press?
Nick Tucker
Nick Tucker День тому
Now that right there is worth the price of admission. Awesome tip!!
Darkphotons День тому
This clip gave me an idea…Modify the Adafruit AR app. then point the phone cam. to a modern scoop. Press any of the scoop buttons on your phone screen and a small sound bite of Collin will play and overlay a small animation on the real scoop screen via the AR app on your phone. Add as many scoop profiles as possible to the app. and this could be worth millions, especially for the educational industry, not to mention the larger scoop companies will probably fully fund the development. If anybody builds this, ill get 1% in royalties lol
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe День тому
To me, higher capacitance means more AC current leaking between the sides that need to be isolated. Remember Z=1/2πfC . So to isolate 5000V AC, capacitance must be kept low. I presume the materials tested had different dielectric properties, not just optical.
rpavlik1 День тому
Hey what a nice idea. Really nice current capability, lets somebody really smart and good at it do your power supply design. Wonder if this is the kind of thing they'd make in voltages "a little bigger" than common so you can stick an ldo in to get less noise.
David Harms
David Harms 2 дні тому
Highlight of the week! 👍🏻
Vyd Keryx
Vyd Keryx 2 дні тому
The commitment to character acting is priceless. Just as fun of a surprise as the unboxing! See ya 4 number 20
al h
al h 2 дні тому
I LOVE the plate for the pad. When I saw it in my Adabox I was stoked!!
Rj Kumar
Rj Kumar 2 дні тому
what programming language is that, what the shoes led takes
SS - 03ZZ 885206 Ingleborough PS
SS - 03ZZ 885206 Ingleborough PS 2 дні тому
My birthday is august 6 im going to turn 32
Adrye 2 дні тому
I got one for a projet, got a fix but saddly this thing can't point my real location it's off 150m
Rodrigo Argumedo
Rodrigo Argumedo 2 дні тому
Those keycaps reminds of PlayStation controller buttons and they are handy!
rpavlik1 2 дні тому
Was hoping the Adabox would come with the Adafruit key cap, but fortunately I need to order another Mag Tag so I'll throw it in the order 😁 Seeing the voyager golden record engraving, actually in ENIG gold, is super cool. I assembled that side facing out for now 👍 I like seeing mecanum wheels, I have mostly fond memories of working on an omnidirectional robot kit from Robot Shop years ago in grad school that had an Arduino clone, gear motors with encoders on L298 drivers, and a big old NiMH battery. It was cool, but I can't imagine how much easier it would be with modern micros. I probably wouldn't even have to try very hard to optimize the driving, instead of doing impressive feats of timer interrupt optimization etc to handle 4 gear motor encoders on a 328 😁. Definitely want to build another for myself one day, would be great if the kit equivalent was less than $400, and it looks like that will be possible.
jeerachart jongsomchai
jeerachart jongsomchai 2 дні тому
Many thanks for essential information of battery, wish you and family the best , stay safe and healthy
Luis Sousa
Luis Sousa 2 дні тому
is it possible to use the raspberry pi 400 only as a keyboard?
David Lindes
David Lindes 2 дні тому
0:23 - FWIW, I'd love it if y'all would carry one of these that is food safe sometime. I've dreamt of having one for filling various vessels with a known quantity of water (e.g. a water bottle of known size, or a pint glass, etc.)
David Lindes
David Lindes 4 години тому
@Gregg Bond yes. And I’m mostly open to that. But there are also other reasons why a food-safe flow meter would be cool. :)
Gregg Bond
Gregg Bond 11 годин тому
Have you considered using scales instead?
2ndclassCitizen mTrash
2ndclassCitizen mTrash 2 дні тому
I agree athough it may be ok to use with hydroponic plants....... That doesn't mean it's safe to use with plants you plan on eating etc. Nice for plants flowers if you don't plan on eating them though. Def would be nice to see a food/drinkable water safe model for sale on the site in the future. 100%
David Lindes
David Lindes 2 дні тому
Cool! Jelly bean: The Next Generation. :)
Chris LeeWoo
Chris LeeWoo 2 дні тому
The MacroPad has immediately become a daily use device for me. It's so quick to change the macros, so I have been using it at work for "automating" things I end up typing over and over. I changed the code a little so that the click is not a function, but toggles between allowing the rotary position to switch pages or to send page up/page down on rotary turning. My next step is to alter it so that macro pages can also accept mouse inputs.
Alvaro Figueroa
Alvaro Figueroa 2 дні тому
It's the time it takes H to change spin. That time is used to listen to the record and to decode the bits. I've done a bit of decoding the aureus discus.
Sam Mosel
Sam Mosel 2 дні тому
It's so on-brand for humans, unsolicited nudes, a map showing how to get to our house, and a mixtape.
Chris LeeWoo
Chris LeeWoo 2 дні тому
It's a very interesting way to showcase what we have learned as a species.
David Lindes
David Lindes 2 дні тому
The compatibility quote that may or may not become infamous, and which was requested at 1:33:52... is at 1:33:00. :)
Rob Roschewsk
Rob Roschewsk 2 дні тому
This should be called “Collin’s Lab Bites” … just enough to chew on
David Lindes
David Lindes 2 дні тому
Random question for Scott (hopefully I didn't miss this getting said somewhere; I'm playing this with intermittent attention): What's your "ag" command/alias? (Seen at e.g. 1:04:10) Some sort of grep wrapper/options-default? Something else? Thanks!
David Lindes
David Lindes 2 дні тому
1:44:43 - interesting choice to just outdent that... I wonder if you're aware that you just created a nested ifdef? Which is a valid thing to do, but maybe not what you intended??
David Johnston
David Johnston 2 дні тому
Those are nice. I just deleted my switcher design and put one of these in instead.
David Lindes
David Lindes 2 дні тому
4:54 - oops, I'm early... it's only been 4 years so far. ;)
David Lindes
David Lindes 2 дні тому
39:50 - ask one person who asked that question: yay! Thanks, Katni!! <3
GordieGii 2 дні тому
I suspect that by some impromptu convention, keyboards are specified by rows first (4, 5 or 6) then columns.
todbot 2 дні тому
These notes have been so so good. Thanks Collin!
TrollingAround 2 дні тому
No offence intended, but this reminded me of Max Headroom.
TrollingAround 2 дні тому
Love these short vids, thanks.
Gareth Branwyn
Gareth Branwyn 2 дні тому
I love you, John Edgar Park.
Michael Pechner
Michael Pechner 3 дні тому
Great series of Oscope videos. Very helpful to a noob like me. thank you.
Tu Creditazo Show!
Tu Creditazo Show! 3 дні тому
Hi John! Can you create one of those for me? Are you in New York? Carlos 197 650 792five
brendanm720 3 дні тому
It's John "Jack Horkheimer" Park! (I approve.)
劉祐齊 3 дні тому
2:12 Greatscott!
David Norden
David Norden 3 дні тому
Nice video. Would be nice to see how you would do a back to back design of two board back to back with the mount in between.
Ivan Arakistain
Ivan Arakistain 3 дні тому
Any sample code for LIS3DH interruptions with SAMD51?
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 3 дні тому
Nice intro. Bach's Prelude in C Major continues to inspire.
Richard Skywalker
Richard Skywalker 3 дні тому
My Grid get stuck and doesnt move to new surfaces I want to work on. Why does this happen?
powerpiglet 3 дні тому
Content starts at 4:05
Tinkering Rocks
Tinkering Rocks 3 дні тому
John Park was a rock star before tonight. But that was an impressive Ziggy Stardust!
youcandoit 3 дні тому
my cheaply wired electronic snare drum brought me here
Dan Lizotte
Dan Lizotte 3 дні тому
David Lindes
David Lindes 4 дні тому
8:22 - Is it just me, or does the USB Implementers Forum (or someone; I presume that's the relevant org) really need to update the HID specification to allow direct input of unicode codepoints? All this os-specific, timing-sensitive stuff is just not a good long-term solution, it seems to me. Last time I searched for something about this, it seemed like some proposals existed, but hadn't yet been taken seriously... :'(
David Lindes
David Lindes 4 дні тому
p.p.s. 24:57/25:01 - see, this! *This* is what needs changing. It _should_ be that simple. :)
David Lindes
David Lindes 4 дні тому
P.S. Hopefully someone will just implement an extant generally-well-received (and well-thought-out) proposal on Linux or something, and thus drive adoption. :)
Stuart Bruff
Stuart Bruff 4 дні тому
Hmm. Inne's RPi2040 bubble could form the basis of a clock, extending bubbles in place of dots and illuminating accordingly.
camelazo 4 дні тому
Lol i never used this feature... So sad
Evona A Grochowski
Evona A Grochowski 4 дні тому
I may just end up going for it,.. it doesn't look too, hard. How do you get the sound, though,..?
Milos de Wit
Milos de Wit 4 дні тому
Yes! Please do more oscilloscope stuff!
Anthony Jewell
Anthony Jewell 4 дні тому
These Lab Notes are a great resource but on my phone they are presented as UKposts "Shorts" which have restricted viewing controls: you cannot cast to other devices; no rewind or fast forward; portrait only... Please just give us normal videos. I watch them on my tablet which does not have "Shorts"
TheQuark6789 4 дні тому
@Anthony Jewell Possibly? I've seen a lot of shorts (and I totally agree that the interface is annoyingly restrictive right now), but this video wasn't one of them.
Anthony Jewell
Anthony Jewell 4 дні тому
@TheQuark6789 I think it depends on your device and the region you are in. Google are Beta'ing Shorts. PITA. (BTW I'm in Ireland)
TheQuark6789 4 дні тому
Odd, I'm watching it on my phone but it played as a normal video.
Gloria Gardner
Gloria Gardner 4 дні тому
What time does Jp do product pick on Tuesday? I always miss it. Thanks
360 101
360 101 4 дні тому
0:59 that baby furby is cute
Zhechen Zhu
Zhechen Zhu 4 дні тому
As a Hakko 888D owner, I'm very glad it's found a place in a kids show. The design choice finally paid off :) But boys and girls. Get a good quality T12, seriously.
MKme Lab
MKme Lab 4 дні тому
Great stuff
Randy Carter
Randy Carter 5 днів тому
You forgot to point out that this is for DSO scopes. Analog scopes do not remember signals after the trigger.
Cyril Li
Cyril Li 5 днів тому
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5 днів тому
RyuDarragh 5 днів тому
I had this issue years ago. There were 4 back then. Jelly bean comes from decades ago around WWII and referred to one of the most common candies you could still get despite rationing sugar and gelatine. The candy makers started adding flavors and bigger bags. The IC/transistor connection came from the liquorice flavor beans that were black ⚫
Nick Tucker
Nick Tucker 5 днів тому
brilliant idea!
ken ken
ken ken 5 днів тому
Excellent content youtube needs more of you
Donnie XL
Donnie XL 5 днів тому
Good job
Daniel Coates
Daniel Coates 5 днів тому
You’ve gotta use CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) to check your CAD (Computer Aided Design) it’s oddly helpful for visualisation of scale.
Michael Pechner
Michael Pechner 5 днів тому
Very nice. I really need to use my scope more often.
Daniel Coates
Daniel Coates 5 днів тому
Oh, I so want to replace leaded resistors with these cute little things
Francesca Friedman
Francesca Friedman 6 днів тому
i want to order this spring back motor ......can you add wire to the end and what kind? i am using this for motorized snakes on a headpiece so need extra wire to attached to the wearable batteries