Bigfoot Sasquatch Night Hunt Results In Strange Lights And Dark Host Deep In Forest!

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Homesteading Off The Grid

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You asked for it? You got it!
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Jayne Wiley
Jayne Wiley Місяць тому
Finished "The Lunatic" today...OMG! Over the top!!! Your best book yet. Please make sure that "Sally's" brought up in your next book..❤
Amanda Dubbelde
Amanda Dubbelde 25 днів тому
Amy Call
Amy Call Місяць тому
Thank you and God Bless you and your family
Sara Hughes
Sara Hughes Місяць тому
Haha you got me; I commented too soon 😂
Sara Hughes
Sara Hughes Місяць тому
LOL I know you always have a life lesson in your stories, and I love hearing them. Meanwhile that light is changing colors and you are so focused…go see what that light is haha.
April Brian
April Brian Місяць тому
Could be a panther. They ki da sound like a woman yell. Probably a coyote or wolf if howling.
Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson Місяць тому
Kevin. F.G.S. just be careful!!!
evan griffith
evan griffith Місяць тому
I can see the Bigfoot hiding high up the the trees. They are huge creatures!
Stonedust and Stardust
Stonedust and Stardust Місяць тому
You are a mentor to many, Kevin.
Guessing if you were an Army Ranger it makes you pretty fearless
Denise Llamas
Denise Llamas Місяць тому
That is a nice Moon🌕👍🏼
Angela Christle
Angela Christle Місяць тому
As always, spot on, a big thumbs up!
Mary Katherine Scruggs
Mary Katherine Scruggs Місяць тому
You looked like the devil with the red coat and the flashlight gave your face a red hue lol lol You just needed some horns.. Your so funny 🤣
lou miller
lou miller Місяць тому
Got your 6 Kevin 👀👀 Yes, I barely saw what you did when you ran!? Trying to zoom in on it roughly 26:30 - 26:32
Daven Hiskey
Daven Hiskey Місяць тому
Lying to your wife about her livestock after all she`s been through, you got rid of them. I could say more but not about to waste my time
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson Місяць тому
Hello Kevin, I see those strange lights just inside the tree line. Mystery 😑😐🤨🤥😬
Gloria Mitchell
Gloria Mitchell Місяць тому
Still waiting for you to post a new video today....
SchexnayderG Місяць тому
Bernadette Trujillo
Bernadette Trujillo Місяць тому
Love this video thanks Kevin, I am new here.
maineiacts Місяць тому
WELL DONE Crazy Lake!!!! Wonderful, inspiring,can't fun!!! THANK YOU, I NEEDED THIS!! I. have a critically ill family friend who could really use some healing prayers...I am also teaching myself journal making utilizing my creative gifts and love of vintage line making, etc. I've put up mental obstacles and excuses for not getting out and promoting myself. Always ' waiting' for the perfect opportunity and then they show up and I sabotage my intentions by talking myself out of proceeding. I'm such a loser at times. So,,I'm going to figure out how ' I' can Grow Some!!! Thx Brah!!! 👍🙏🕊🎶🤗🙋💪
SAVED BY GRACE Місяць тому
I want to see your wife and son!
t.b. smith
t.b. smith Місяць тому
You should ask Bigfoot what their preferred pronoun is or your video may get banned by YT.
Roberta Mccutcheon
Roberta Mccutcheon Місяць тому
Alison Lee
Alison Lee Місяць тому
Hi Kevin, well the intro was cool, i Got your 6,but hey who can concentrate when your shirtless kevin!! 😂😂😂, Cleopatra is the Bravest partner ever,she is so cute 😀🥰🥰🥰 Great story as usual kevin.. love the night hunts. 👏👏🥰🥰
Gloria Mitchell
Gloria Mitchell Місяць тому
Yep...Kevin you are most definitely using the wrong gear. You need night vision equipment. Naturally (they) know you are searching for them...Lol Your best bet is to get one of your buddies to go with you too. You must have gonads made of steel. Hope you can run really fast Dude. The strange lights are orbs I would think, unless someone is just trying to scare you. A couple of days ago you were in your yard & I could see a guy walking in the woods behind you carrying something pretty big over his shoulders. Could your neighbor be messing with you Kevin? Just curious... Love the videos man!! Keep em' coming!!
Pam Thomas
Pam Thomas Місяць тому
Oh my lawd...That was a dark host but what was it? 😳
DB 9066
DB 9066 Місяць тому
Mallard the Duck
Mallard the Duck Місяць тому
You have a variety of beautiful trees that you planted Kevin!! I Love Your kitty Cleopatra, she's pretty!!! That LED fan gadget is cool too!!! Great story, "No Second Chance's"....I Love that quote from Rocky Balboa too....every word is true about life. Seizing and savouring every moment You can, because You never get that chance again.
Watching 333
Watching 333 Місяць тому
Lovely hike! Great story! Thanks! God bless! 🌿🌻🌿❤️❤️❤️
Jim Stump
Jim Stump Місяць тому
Not entirely a 'let down, sir. I enjoyed the walk...and the full moon. I don't know what you ran away from at the end...but I'll go with it. Thanks again...I always enjoy your posts.
allen kirkbride
allen kirkbride Місяць тому
I n your parts you also have MR MOTH MAN that lives out by you!@
Rae Purvis
Rae Purvis Місяць тому
Did anyone see what looked like a women at close to the end of your story about the ball player getting pictures taken you flashed to my left twice..maybe three times ..maybe just something else but looked like white top or dress and dark hair? Just wondering?
Mike Young
Mike Young Місяць тому
I'm a Bigfoot investigator and UVA alum in Connecticut. Don't gift food, they are wild animals and will get angry over the wrong food. Occasional toys are OK. Many BF are OCD and don't like changes. Stacking wood may irritate their OCD.
Cynthia Gerding
Cynthia Gerding Місяць тому
What about a headlamp. You can see so much using one.
Kenny Zeleznikar
Kenny Zeleznikar Місяць тому
Got your S.I.X my friend!! Thank you for this awesome night hunt, I love them alot and appreciate you doing one.. we definitely gotta do more maybe even a live one with the family around hehe anyways kev idk if you heard it too but at 26:26 -26:28 you hear like a grunt noise then seconds later you must have seen something to bolt lmao 🐵🦧
Cathy Perez
Cathy Perez Місяць тому
Bella luna.
Melanie Allen
Melanie Allen Місяць тому
Good story...Im going to plant 2big trees in my yard today..Not that my neighbours will be happy, but I will be.😁Cheers from Australia..Better luck next time for a sighting.
Terry Finnin
Terry Finnin Місяць тому
Hello from Ireland Kevin 🇮🇪 thanks for the night hunt tonight 👍 story was cool well done to that lady you spoke about maybe you could do a live some time soon? Stay safe
Tracey Gail
Tracey Gail Місяць тому
🎵Blue moon, you saw me standing alone...🎶 💙 and another good story.
Cassandra Buchanan
Cassandra Buchanan Місяць тому
Shirt on please...we didn't ask for that 😂
Leona Bryant
Leona Bryant Місяць тому
Hi from Lexington been watching 4 years love your show and hers to
Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott Місяць тому
Bigfoot would kill a dog
Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott Місяць тому
Have a gun
Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott Місяць тому
God bless u all u all are the best god bless
Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott Місяць тому
I got your 6 how are y’all doing it’s good to see u all together
Chad Vail
Chad Vail Місяць тому
Thanks for the night hunt ! We need to team up( your fans) and all put in for some gear’ for you being(high quality light, and maybe infrared/thermal optics’s.. I bet you would see a lot of interesting things , was looking online and some very cool gadgets available that range widely in price but I would definitely donate and I’m sure I’m not the only person … you have balls for being out there alone 🤣 hopefully you brought your crayon
Cattitude Місяць тому
Awesome!! A night hunt, Cleopatra, and a full moon, all in one!!!! All of my favorite things!!! Yes, when you said there's a full moon, no stars, I said out loud, "lol, that's a Stephen King book!!" And then you said the same thing!! Great minds think alike!!!
John Holderman
John Holderman Місяць тому
Hello I've messaged you before. Just felt inspired over this latest video, were you talked of going out into your own property with courage ,encouragement to share with us and help your own families needs along .. It great to have such as you. Do as I see it can only be positive, indeed to even lift others up out 0f lives struggles and things we can all run In to . Anorher words in what I see you do is truly to God Jesus glory. Even in all the possible Bigfoot saqchquatch unknow. Even possible restless spirits long no longer in body,buried on your land. FOR through it all the LORDS Holy Spirit means to bring true abundant life ment to encourage us as one to be conformed into unto all hope love peace that passes all understandings. Only wants the best for all his true children. And I'm so much for your God given talents abilities . Thankyou forsharing your beautiful family. Experiances in and by your God given talents. FOR THIS in my opinion even in allmysteries open up doors avenues to all humanity, in lifes struggles . And through your VARIOUS stories of struggel so on. What your share is all intended to over all be a Godly thing from you, yours to all of us. This is how I see your as YOUR God given talents over all. God bless abundantly!!!
Ann Owens
Ann Owens Місяць тому
Thanks for the night tour of your homestead! Next time you go on a night hunt you may want to consider more appropriate footwear.
margie kennedy
margie kennedy Місяць тому
That beautiful moon is called "buck moon" or 7th full moon
Nancy Nahni Goh
Nancy Nahni Goh Місяць тому
If 7 1/2 month is not so good cos Chinese called ghost month in their calendar but the month your mention is in the international calendar not the Chinese month , good lucks all the best make sure no intruder if you have property
Johnnetta Macfarlane
Johnnetta Macfarlane Місяць тому
Or Thunder Moon 🌝
Lucy Pinkstaff
Lucy Pinkstaff Місяць тому
Crazy Lake The Bigfoot hunter!!
Carrie D
Carrie D Місяць тому
You must have eyes like an owl. I don't see how you could see where you were going. By the way my mom use to say if you hear a screaming woman or baby crying outside at night run inside cause there's a panther near by trying to trick you. Just thought this old woman would tell you that. Be safe out the night hunt. God Bless. Find the water bottle.
Nancy Nahni Goh
Nancy Nahni Goh Місяць тому
If in eastern Asian listening of crying or screaming of a woman or baby , it is showing that there is an evil around that areas
Debora LaValley
Debora LaValley Місяць тому
Those balls of light that change colors are orbs spirits
Bec busman
Bec busman Місяць тому
Big Foot Lives Matter ! I'm Related to them , im the first Cousin Short Foot , Long Live The Foot Family !!!!!!
Bill Puhl Jr
Bill Puhl Jr Місяць тому
That was awesome Kevin! Thank You Sir! I always got your back on UKposts brother! Will always be there for you. You and your family have a wonderful safe weekend!! Stay cool!😎👍
Becky Treadway
Becky Treadway Місяць тому
Very good eye shine
Becky Treadway
Becky Treadway Місяць тому
That was very good video you are very good and I love your stories and always videos
Carol Webster
Carol Webster Місяць тому
Keep safe Kevin! 😊
JillyBear L
JillyBear L Місяць тому
I need to place an Amazon order this weekend for myself, but it is past time I send you a gift - I'm thinking a decent flashlight, which is not only good for Bigfoot/Sasquatch hunting, but it also an important survival tool. :-D Enjoy the rest of your weekend - it's sweltering hot and humid here in Missouri.
Jamie D.
Jamie D. Місяць тому
Thanks for the night hunt!!!
Geneva Henderson
Geneva Henderson Місяць тому
Enjoyed the night watch Kevin. I don’t see how you run in flip flops though. That would destroy me lol. Thanks for the hunt!!
Tina Louise
Tina Louise Місяць тому
Beautiful moon 🌝❤️
Tina Louise
Tina Louise Місяць тому
Leroy Jenkins..I'm not scared 😳 lol
Twinkletoez Tiff
Twinkletoez Tiff Місяць тому
That was my favorite part. 🤣
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Місяць тому
Hey Kevin and beautiful cleopatra 😍 , thanks for the night hunt Kevin. this was great 👍, tell Dearly and Daniel I said hello. I got your six buddy.
Tina Louise
Tina Louise Місяць тому
I'm ready 😌🤗🙄❤️
David Wagner
David Wagner Місяць тому
Good video as always
Alice Woodard
Alice Woodard Місяць тому
P.S. Kevin, you need to rent FLIR night vision equipment 🌜🌕
Alice Woodard
Alice Woodard Місяць тому
Hey there Kevin, Dearly, and Daniel!! Love you guys!!👍♥️😁✌️💓
Grandmother Moon
Grandmother Moon Місяць тому
I've heard that Twinkies, are a pretty lethal weapon lol...😉😬 Be careful out there Kevin, trust your instincts, and of course you've got, your ferocious Cleo kitty, getting your 6 too...😉
TheSierralj Місяць тому
Be careful the foxes and coyotes don’t get the kitty up where I live in Vermont the foxes are constantly getting are cats..
Mark Місяць тому
Yup I'm in milton vt and lost both my cats to them
Timothy Howard
Timothy Howard Місяць тому
Its a Night Watch!! 😳
Timothy Howard
Timothy Howard Місяць тому
Ah 1st on the scence Got your back Mr Lake 👍
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