The truth about Bluetooth 5 - Gary explains

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Once you strip away all the hype and PR language, what is the truth about Bluetooth 5? Let me explain.

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Curso Getafe
Curso Getafe 2 дні тому
I guess you forgot to show us which programm/app/method do you use for testing the Bluetooth speed. I would like to test mine and I´m not sure how to do it. Thx in advance.
Rodolfo Vitangcol
Rodolfo Vitangcol 7 місяців тому
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Yvette Feeney
Yvette Feeney Рік тому
and where could I get one for a pc that does not have one and which is the morst reliable please? thaanking you in advance Yvette Feeney or you can reach me on my email
Ivan Booba
Ivan Booba Рік тому
bt 5+ still not exists on market ? only theory ???
Purple Chrissy
Purple Chrissy Рік тому
Gary, Thank you for this relevant information. I have a cat and 3 dogs who need to move outdoor from time to time. Thus to provide security and keep the doors closed during winter doggy-door tech will be employed. I think Bluetooth 5 will allow them to come and go while maintaining a secure id that allows them to enter and bars others from coming in.
Todd Su
Todd Su Рік тому
This is so good! Thank you very much for making this video.
francis chow
francis chow 2 роки тому
Still no cheap usb 5.0 dongles for pc, be warned, some claiming so are fake. The bitrate matters for audio, ldac 990kbps/660kbps sbc 328kbps, aptx 352kbps etc
Vamshi Goud
Vamshi Goud 2 роки тому
All I want to know is whether this reduces the audio delay in game, that's it! that's all I'm here for...
Dr. Fida Hasan
Dr. Fida Hasan 2 роки тому
Did you test its broadcasting capabilities by any point? How many devices max it can broadcast msg?
Mitesh 2 роки тому
Gary...what happens to battery life in the CODED mode? Have you run tests to see how battery performance is effected with distance or over time for 100+ meters?
_ Sqrrl
_ Sqrrl 2 роки тому
Does doubled data speed also meens a delay half as long as in 4.2?
Torbjørn Øvrebekk
Torbjørn Øvrebekk 2 роки тому
Not really... The data latency is normally set by your connection interval, which can only be as short as 7.5ms in both 4.2 and in 5.
vidville vid
vidville vid 2 роки тому
WhirlWolf 2 роки тому
I have serious question, My question is,"If we have 2 different Bluetooth earphones connected to same device and let's say we are playing pubg then will other teammates in my game will be able to hear audio from two Bluetooth earphones?", "What if one is wired and one is Bluetooth earphone?", Considering mic is on in pubg!?!? Please answer my questions! (Obviously i have Bluetooth 5.0 in my phone with Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth earphones!)
savage 7ecneek
savage 7ecneek 2 роки тому
2 "development" boards not consumer dono product I just not got 5.0 bluetooth ear buds this year
Michael D'Alessandro
Michael D'Alessandro 2 роки тому
this video is 10minutes too long.
angel of light
angel of light 2 роки тому
you review the neat features that awsome, yet you dont talk about security, they incrase the range they allow advertising message from it ,all in all in the security side that just dont sound good ,i would appricate if you could review the security side, all those features are neat but if they unsecure and expose all of us then what value they have in truth?.
COM Func
COM Func 2 роки тому
Turn off the stupid music! WTF is wrong with you? I don't live my life on Facebook and Twitter, I don't live in a house with the TV on in the background all the time, I don't walk around with music streamed constantly into my ears. I am a fellow human being. You can talk to me informatively, and I can listen intelligently. I don't need any other entertainment at the same time!
Paul George
Paul George 2 роки тому
You have to understand guys that all these new more powerful upgrades 5G Networking, Bluetooth 5.0 are having more and more serious damaging affects on our health this is no conspiricy properganda for you to just pass on by please research we really are polluting our airwaves with more powerfull harmful radiation and your putting bluetooth headphone right by the most sensitive part of your body is scary bad. Please take the time to watch this
BrotherO4 2 роки тому
so let me get this straight, 16 ft we get increase speed...aka more than enough distance to your device. does this mean that possibly we can use our Bluetooth to transmit Mic/Audio without the lost of audio quality?
Busy Business
Busy Business 3 роки тому
Why do we need Bluetooth when we have Wi-Fi . Companies should give dual WiFi setup , one for internet and one for device connections., All speed related issues would be solved. As simple as that
mt2smooth 3 роки тому
How can I check my LG Stylo 3 Plus for what bluetooth version it uses.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 3 роки тому
Gary great video -question I hook a 5.0 adapter to my Stereo ...than Bluetooth it from my Nvida Shield to it (transfer sound from unit to stereo/5.0 adapter ) can I than connect 2 Bluetooth speakers to it for audio? Or will the Nvidia Shield to the 5.0 adapter count as 1 connection?
mattig89ch 3 роки тому
I can't speak for anyone else, but I use Bluetooth purely for wireless audio. So whats the advantage for someone like me? Is there even an advantage to this new system over the old?
Daniel C
Daniel C 3 роки тому
the background music XD
Bill Gaytes
Bill Gaytes 3 роки тому
Hi Gary, does BLE 5.0 have the same limitation as to the number of slave devices in a piconet i.e. 7 slaves ?
RAJESH KUMAR 3 роки тому
Bluetooth 5 for me is no improvement in audio quality but it will provide dual audio (2 Bluetooth speaker) now that's exciting
kael'thas sunstrider
kael'thas sunstrider 3 роки тому
This is good for headphones!!!
Sam Lau
Sam Lau 3 роки тому
Thanks Gary for the video.... very informative ! Now that Note 8 is out, I wonder if u have a chance to verify if it implement the full Bluetooth 5 stack. Thanks so much.
Oma Am
Oma Am 3 роки тому
Who is maker of Bluetooth 5? Is it Nordic? BT 5 is new so there's still room to grow even though its not a really significant advancement especially at greater distances. At shorter distance there's a
Oma Am
Oma Am 3 роки тому
Jig going on but, yeah, still room to grow.
juan carlos garzon hernandez
juan carlos garzon hernandez 4 роки тому
Is true that BT 5.0 is capable to play music in several speakers at the same time from one source (like S8 or V30)? Thanks
J MASTERJ 4 роки тому
Hey Gary good stuff as always.... Question: Can a BT5 beacon transmit (and be received by) to a BT4 cell phone with the full capabilities of the 255 char ad line? Also, can the BT4 cell take advantage of the extended range or do BOTH devices (sender + rec) have to be BT5? Thanks!
Ask Us Junkies
Ask Us Junkies 4 роки тому
Bluetooth 5.0 : Multiples of 2 !!
Harry Werczberger
Harry Werczberger 4 роки тому
Gary, you live in Brasov? :D
engitect 4 роки тому
damn this! will it connect to BT audio headphones and fitness tracker at the same time?
Wi_Zeus 4 роки тому
Claudiu Lucian
Claudiu Lucian 4 роки тому
Gary, thank you very much! The WHOLE world understood that Bluetooth 5.0 gives us 2xSpeed at 4xRange, considering what you say, Bluetooth 5.0 is still a big step forward, but not even close as big as it was presented.
Morenito Batista
Morenito Batista 4 роки тому
Gary seems to be an incredibly smart man. His videos are always super informative. But good god he's boring. Playing one of his videos if you're having trouble sleeping should work freaking wonders.
SuperFuzzmonkey 4 роки тому
Yes Gary Yes!!!
shiauji40074 4 роки тому
Why can I give you only one thumb-up for this video? You are really so much AWESOME!
RussDurrant 4 роки тому
Very disappointed with the range on my S8 when using my Bluetooth headphones, nowhere near the distance as with my S5. Has Samsung ignored coded mode or is there an issue with their Bluetooth software? I have received an update tonight and Bluetooth connectivity was mentioned in the bug fix list so I'm hoping this will solve it. I won't be able to tell until I'm at work tomorrow as that is where my headphones are. Reading on Samsung's forum there are lots of people complaining about the Bluetooth on the S8, shame as otherwise it's an amazing phone.
Eric Chan
Eric Chan 3 роки тому
RussDurrant 2 things wrong with your assunptions. #1 android doesnt have BT 5.0 support until Android Oreo. #2 your BT headphones are not BT 5.0 capable. To get the full benefits of BT 5.0 you need to have both devices BT 5.0 capable and minimum Android Oreo. THIS IS NOT A SAMSUNG ISSUE!!!!
nickwoo2 4 роки тому
my s8 bt range is worse than my s3's
Praveen kumar Tunuguntla
Praveen kumar Tunuguntla 4 роки тому
gary is a senior professor. great explanation
Karim Sumar
Karim Sumar 4 роки тому
Also useful feature of BT5 is the ability to connect 2 devices together. Eg you may have a two bluetooth speakers to get LEFT and RIGHT stereo. Or two headset, or Amplifier (bluetooth) and headphones etc.
ray H jr
ray H jr 4 роки тому
Myself and others cannot get 2 speakers to be exactly in sync. The lag is awful!! "separating the speakers does not help at all. Anybody have any info on this? It's literally unusable the lag is so bad!!
Sudhir Tripathi
Sudhir Tripathi 4 роки тому
You hit the right balance of technical depth that makes already great android authority a complete tech review channel. Gary the great professor.
raju bhattarai
raju bhattarai 4 роки тому
Gary explains is my favorite part of this channel, it provides so much information . Thank you for explaining Bluetooth 5.0
Chris MacEwen
Chris MacEwen 4 роки тому
Your vids are always very well done and give a lot of really useful information .
Dig Bick
Dig Bick 4 роки тому
Thank you so much for sharing knowledge in such a simple and entertaining package!
KN 4 роки тому
Thank you for information on the important features of Bluetooth 5 with the throughput tests compared with Bluetooth 4.2
Melody Raindo
Melody Raindo 4 роки тому
Very nice explanations as always! I knew Bluetooth 5 sounded too good to be true. Thanks Gary!
Joben Ortiguero
Joben Ortiguero 4 роки тому
Awesome work dude! I learned a lot. You probably did a ton of research for this! Keep up the good work!
Joe Wong
Joe Wong 4 роки тому
my favorite lecturer...and not just on youtube
Justine Dela Cruz
Justine Dela Cruz 4 роки тому
i love how you explain this complicated things in a very simple way and i think i learned alot of things here than my school
Tarak Gajjar
Tarak Gajjar 4 роки тому
I never would have understand such complicated process. I watch Gary's videos and than I go to my friends & explain this science to them. Thank you Gary for putting up all so detailed and informative videos. it actually makes me appreciate all this things I take it for granted.
HyperStryker 4 роки тому
Thanks Gary for making such an in-depth explanation of BT 5 (and other technologies). I really liked how you also compared to BTLE 4.2, seeing how big of an improvement BT 5 provides. Keep the vids coming!
Damian Durca
Damian Durca 4 роки тому
Great video ! I always enjoy how your hardwork in order to inform the people about the new tehnology that is always upgrading ! I really appreciate ! Looking forward to testing the new bluetooth 5.0 .
n. yash
n. yash 4 роки тому
Hi Gary, I always love watching UKposts tech videos and learning about it. But most of all, I learned a lot about from your videos, which explains the bit by bit of technology by showing it to us, rather than just saying it. Just like how ur explaining about Bluetooth 5.0
Sam Kennedy
Sam Kennedy 4 роки тому
this whole is absolutely wrong. there is nothing wrong with bluetooth. worked for me for years.
Ritesh Bista
Ritesh Bista 4 роки тому
garry sir how about making a video about theory of computation..would be awesome
Syukri Salleh
Syukri Salleh 4 роки тому
Hi Gary, What the difference between red light heart rate sensor & green light heart rate sensor?
mikecar52 4 роки тому
waste of bandwith
mikecar52 4 роки тому
It was perfect. Just not necessary IMO.
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
What could I have done differently?
Stephen Pinkerton
Stephen Pinkerton 4 роки тому
Just a heads up, the echo is very noticeable in this video. Otherwise great content. :)
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
I guess I need to put some sound damping materials on my walls!
ryancmf1 4 роки тому
Honestly, The only real benefits of Android Authority videos comes from Gary. WHY NOT CREAT YOUR OWN UKposts CHANNEL !
Alnaser Ameer
Alnaser Ameer 4 роки тому
Check the Bluetooth 5 in the s8 and let us know. Very good video as always.
Sudip Chatterjee
Sudip Chatterjee 4 роки тому
The real time experiment was amazing !! Thanks Gary !!
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
Glad you liked it. :-)
GovernorKuder 4 роки тому
What PR and Hype? I didn't even know it was a thing until I hopped onto youtube review videos lol
lucasmonta1 4 роки тому
there's always been an inverse relationship between data thoughput and distance, you can see this in the differente categories of of Ethernet cables.....this is not new, althoug I will give you that everyone is claiming "2x the speed and 2x the distance" wich of course makes no sense :P
₡∆££ ¥∆₥A
₡∆££ ¥∆₥A 4 роки тому
dude... by 1:23 I've read the title and heard him say "truth about bluetooth 5" like... 5 times
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
Nice try, but no cigar. I am from London! :-)
₡∆££ ¥∆₥A
₡∆££ ¥∆₥A 4 роки тому
hahaha and don't get me wrong, I actually love your explanations. my personal preference is blind rage/hatred toward super long intros but understand why they might be necessary/helpful for people sometimes. also (I'm american so no clue but) is your accent something like manchester???
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
It was my catchphrase for the day! :-)
Ali Hussain Gondal
Ali Hussain Gondal 4 роки тому
Im waiting for ur video on Turing Cadenza !! o.O
zen fu
zen fu 4 роки тому
Subscribed ,I find this channel informative and interesting ,I want to say something inspiring but I'm all out of my inspiring for the day. Thanx
Marlon Clark
Marlon Clark 4 роки тому
Thank you for testing these capabilities, but too long. You should do to versions of these vids; this one and a short succinct one.
Darkbyte2005 4 роки тому
excellent Gary it was interesting to understand the benefits of Bluetooth 5.. thanks for your efforts to get this video done ...
TechPimp 4 роки тому
Anyone know of any v5.0 headphones or yet?
TechPimp 4 роки тому
You didn't talk about you being able to connect 2 pairs of headphones almost like a Y cable and you don't tell us how much better audio can output to headphones since it is a short distance and you can compress less to get better audio. Could it even handle a FLAC codec?
KRUGER 4 роки тому
Lol you know Android Authority has its comp open again for S8 give away, here ia the link.
Kartik Gajaria
Kartik Gajaria 4 роки тому
It's always a pleasure watching your videos Garry! The video was very informational.
Sacha Sanders
Sacha Sanders 4 роки тому
Bogdan Rus
Bogdan Rus 4 роки тому
Were you in Brasov Gary? That shopping center looked very familiar
Jai ShriRam
Jai ShriRam 4 роки тому
I have a question. If I send a file from a mobile having Bluetooth 5 to three other mobiles having Bluetooth 5, 4.2 and 4.1 (one at a time, and the same file each time), in which case will the transfer rate be faster?? All the mobiles are kept next to each other
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
Bluetooth 5 to Bluetooth 5 assuming that both devices support the new 2 Mbps physical layer (as it is optional).
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Federico Jimbo Smithson 4 роки тому
Bluetooth 5.0 and WLAN ac... why use both can we have just one for all kinds of conneciton?? someone kindly (technically) explain
Ketil E
Ketil E 4 роки тому
Bluetooth uses less power than Wi-Fi. Bluetooth has lower throughput than Wi-Fi. From these two points alone you can understand that they are good for different use cases.
Fremet 4 роки тому
Bluetooth is a lot like an old car. It can seem pretty crap at first with all of its quirks but once you get used to "driving it" it's really quite useful...... and I'd argue that wifi is similar in that there's a kind of unspoken "learning curve" Oh well... I use both technologies regularly, just some of my two cents
Ryan Hudson
Ryan Hudson 4 роки тому
thank you for this video. I love all of your let me explain videos! keep it up.
I'm Coby
I'm Coby 4 роки тому
please my Samsung/Android yours
Gmoneyinc 4 роки тому
Gary thank you for helping these people who think theyre so smart realize they actually a bunch of idiots! (You'll know if your one of the idiots if you dont like this comment)
ZepaniZeppos - Computer Channel
ZepaniZeppos - Computer Channel 4 роки тому
What's the thing in the background?
An 4 роки тому
How do I fix my notifications? I recently purchased an Honor 6x. When I clear all my recents, apps stop running and I don't receive any notifications. How do I fix this? Ive already tried giving apps full unrestricted access, and protected them all
Alexander Grass
Alexander Grass 4 роки тому
Min Suga or try factory reset.
Alexander Grass
Alexander Grass 4 роки тому
Min Suga buy a Galaxy s8
83rn15 4 роки тому
Can you explain how bands or frequencies work? Like LTE 600mhz
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
There is nothing to explain, just like you tune a radio to 109.2FM, so mobile phones tune their internal radios to the frequency used in a region to get the voice and data signals it needs.
Evgeni Enchev
Evgeni Enchev 4 роки тому
They simply increased the power usage. No innovation here.
Evgeni Enchev
Evgeni Enchev 4 роки тому
That's why the revolutionary bit of the whole Bluetooth 5.0 thing sounds like fake news to me. They further adopted the technology to better suit the IoT world but it is no technological breakthrough. All things equal( including bit rate) 5.0 will need to use more power to accommodate for the longer distances. Anyways, great videos, Gary. Keep it up :)
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
That is why the bit rate is lowered to just 109Kbps for the CODED connection.
Evgeni Enchev
Evgeni Enchev 4 роки тому
You are right. According to Core Specification, the transmit power remains the same. However, in LE Long Range mode the packets are with 2 to 8 times longer duration. Hence, the transfer of same data is several times more expensive for your battery in Long Range mode.
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
Errr... Nope. The power usage is the same as BLE 4.2.
reXera 4 роки тому
Wan Jhong Her
Wan Jhong Her 4 роки тому
please review lenovo z2 plus
AskUncleDavecom 4 роки тому
What your forgetting about what's good about 5.0 is the size of data sent over that speed It rivals wifi *according to a previous video you made
Soomjeet Sahoo
Soomjeet Sahoo 4 роки тому
can u pls say how to make a simple computer 8-bit may be
neowok 4 роки тому
One thing puzzling me, what is the point in BT vs just using wifi? Connect 2 devices over wifi you get infinitely faster connection over a much longer distance. So why use BT at all? I assume there is some reason for simply not using wifi or BT wouldn't exist anymore, but I can't think what that is.
psp420bam 2 роки тому
Sonos only offer home speakers where power consumption isn't a priority like it is for mobile devices. I use jbl xtreme and charge 3 speakers as my home theater and for the skatepark. If they could have used wifi for said devices without affecting battery life I would be down for it but I suspect they couldn't and why blueooth became the standard with my earbuds and mobile speakers
neowok 4 роки тому
What do you mean how would you use wifi on speakers? Ask Sonos, they have been doing pretty well at it for years! What about a farmers field? you say "send back" send back to where? a farmhouse? why could you not use wifi enabled sensors to send data back to the farmhouse? why would it need a router in the field? The router would sit wherever the data is being sent back to, wifi can go a lot further than BT can, particularly in an open field! Are you saying wifi can't run from a battery? seriously? a mobile phone using wifi alone could last days if not weeks on a single charge using just wifi, a sensor in a field could easily power the sensor and the wifi using a battery and recharge itself using solar.
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
How would you use Wi-Fi to connect to wireless speakers or to a smartwatch or to a FitBit. What about Beacons?If you have a farmer's field with humidity sensors that send back data about the field conditions does the farmer need to put a Wi-Fi router in the field as well? Bottom line Bluetooth is low power and can run from battery.
igo789 4 роки тому
Is BT 5 backwards compatible at all?
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 4 роки тому
palashholkar 4 роки тому
Love ur explanation as always
FerrariOne 4 роки тому
@gary.. What about the ability to connect multiple devices to a single source? Is it available on Bluetooth 5?
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S 4 роки тому
Thank you Gary.
Cookie Monsta
Cookie Monsta 4 роки тому
Imagine a Muslim guy bringing those circuit boards to a shopping mall to test Bluetooth 5.0
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S 4 роки тому
Is that supposed to be "funny"? :-/
Ashwin Singh
Ashwin Singh 4 роки тому
Sir Gary you haven't talked about the possibility of dual connections on Bluetooth 5
Ashwin Singh
Ashwin Singh 4 роки тому
Bluetooth 5 is twice faster as Bluetooth 4.2 but, as the range increases transfer speed decreases. However you get a range of 100 Mts+ that's great.
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