Microsoft Linux is Here!
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NPC_Virus _
NPC_Virus _ 15 хвилин тому
Honestly, I switched to linux (currently Linux mint Debian edition 4) about 7 years ago. I always dabbled in it, but I'm at the point where about 99% of the stuff I want to do on Linux is available either via browser or native. The only shortcoming for Linux is gaming...and even that's changing thanks to steam, is gaming. I find that if a game is available on Linux, that it runs faster, as in it loads faster, it uses less memory and the graphics are just as good as microsoft. I don't like Microsoft office and I find Libre office is just as good...and if I really really need MS Office, it's available online. I was using Windows 7 almost exclusively for gaming. There's a few games I really like that have not been ported to linux and I doubt they will, like Red Dead Redemption 2. So the nice thing about confining windows 7 to gaming and using steam is, should Windows 7 get a virus due to Microsoft not supporting it, no big whip, just reinstall and reinstall the games from steam...the saves are in the cloud anyway. However...I think Microsoft intentionally broke windows 7 with the last update. They made it so the final so called update, ruined the graphic card driver, and it kept booting, trying to install...then it'd uninstall. So because windows 7 became unusable..I bought a windows 10 license 2nd hand for 5,99€ because screw Microsoft. I installed it, and I tell you I HATE windows 10. I feel violated every time I log in. It's constantly trying to either sell me something, or asking me if I want to give them permission to record everything I do. Since Microshit Windows 10 is proprietary, even if I opt out of everything, I bet they still record everything on my computer. In other words, you have no privacy expectations with windows 10. Your data is microsoft's data. Anything I want to keep private such as banking, my finances, browsing the internet, etc, I don't dare do it on Windows 10. You might as well invite big brother into your home...but hey, you millenials and zoomer dipshits have already done that with your Google homes and your Amazon alexas, and your Ring Door bells and your nests....why don't you just shove a leash up your own asses?! I mean god forbid you have to turn on a light for yourself...or learn how to use your no we want microshit to do the thinking for us...we don't care about privacy...we want you big daddy google, microshit, and apple to think for us.
John Smith
John Smith 52 хвилини тому
Laughs in never uses wifi on his phone
Cpt.Grimsdale Nemo
Cpt.Grimsdale Nemo Годину тому
This would be like a Microsoft vehicle specifically designed to be used by wealthy and rich idiots in society.
DeAndre Taylor
DeAndre Taylor Годину тому
I won't be buying it. A good reason to switch to Mac.
max plank
max plank Годину тому
microsoft = pure evil
Jay Workman
Jay Workman Годину тому
So my ryzen 7 1700x gtx 1070 ti rig won’t be able to run windows 11 😂😂😂 Microsoft you done fucked up
Tom K
Tom K 2 години тому
I switched over based on your recommendation... privacy badger now has no work to do as the browser handles it! very pleased, thanks for the video
Mohamed Abdel Hamid
Mohamed Abdel Hamid 2 години тому
I coudnt find the drivers ?? any ideas??
Phyllis 2 години тому
I bought a new PC with more EVERYTHING in it. Joined the Insider Program just to TRY Windows 11 before it is released. Downloaded the OS and installed it. Within an hour, I wanted to take a sledgehammer to my PC. They have FU*KED UP EVERYTHING in Windows in this version. They removed things you may use everyday. They made it HARDER to move an item from one file to another...seriously, click and paste every single item, one at a time. Seriously, if you want to get pizzed off and made angry...go for Windows 11. If you already hate Windows NOT go to Win 11. Your hatred for Windows will intensify by a billion. In fact, I think I'm about to go to Mac or Apple and ditch Windows altogether....after this PC becomes five or ten years old.
Shane Zee
Shane Zee 2 години тому
I've been a tech for 30 years. Tech companies have become somewhat arrogant and powerful recently, only to be reinforced by this video. Well done - maybe we are looking at one of the reasons that Microsoft will start to fail in the future - the beginning of the end. Time will tell.
Vhero 2 години тому
This is nvidias masterplan to beat AMD. Arm processors are in most portable devices these days. This is great for them as AMD is used in a lot of non pc devices like consoles and even the upcoming steam deck. If you remove the need for x86 cpus then AMDs cpu market will dry up.
Harshal 3 години тому
You can just shift to GNU/Linux anyday.
KangoV 3 години тому
Why would I use this in a container over something like Alpine? Serious question.
Gabi Ruta
Gabi Ruta 4 години тому
Really love your channel videos. Thank you so much Gary. I also following you on Twitter.
se7ensnakes 5 годин тому
Can you say L--I-N-U-X?
LoadOShite 5 годин тому
I'm not impressed with Microsoft. I have a high-spec custom-built PC, 13 months old and I can't upgrade upgrade to W11. I have 2 high-spec Dell laptops, circa 2 years old and I can't upgrade upgrade them to W11 either. I understand W11 will not allow local accounts and it will require you to have a Microsoft account. That's bad. I used a Microsoft account for years and I have recently reverted back to a local account for privacy reasons, so that is a good reason not to upgrade to W11. Due to a recent attempted scan, I have been hardening my online profile over the past few months and thinking more about online privacy and starting to move away from "big tech". My current plan is to keep using W10 until it is no longer supported. Microsoft will probably extend W10 support beyond 2025. Once W10 support is finally terminated, I will move to an open source OS such as a Linux distro. Then it will be "Bye bye Microshit, farewell and good riddance".
Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows 5 годин тому
I’ll get a Mac and use Linux on my computers. Fuck Microsoft.
2Fat2Furious 5 годин тому
got ARM, wen LEG?
Trevor Whyte
Trevor Whyte 6 годин тому
So correct✅ ,thank you Sir‼️
The Real Ted Neal
The Real Ted Neal 6 годин тому
Fuck Microsoft, I just switched to Manjaro. Growing pains but fuck it. Nobody got time for this shit
Sean Conrad
Sean Conrad 6 годин тому
Not actually a very good explanation but mostly a lot of complaining. I get MS is super corporate about all communication and technical details are hard to understand, but you’re doing the professionally and most of this video isn’t explaining this problem correctly.
Acorpze Zanzus
Acorpze Zanzus 6 годин тому
So Win11 is going to be the new OS but almost impossible to run and adapt to and Win10 is gonna lose support after a few years? Damn Microsoft, I've used Windows since my first PC. I've supported and relied on Windows for ages. I'm disappointed they released Win11. It feels like a cheap cash grab, Win11 even removes some features that I find very useful in Win10. I don't mind a new OS but at least make it good and support older systems, my gaming laptop is only 3 - 4 years old and still performs very well.
Marco Leong
Marco Leong 8 годин тому
The two foreach loops can be optimised to one. Both being more efficient, and easier to understand. Code: for box in boxes: box.y = box.y + 2 if box.y > HEIGHT: boxes.remove(box) Your video explained very well as always. Keep up the good work!
Jo M
Jo M 8 годин тому
Computers, phones, (apple , Microsoft, Android) forced new more expensive hardware every year or three…. Governments and businesses forcing everyone to do everything digitally, and requiring new software versions which require new hardware. Any correlation with that and people disillusioned with tech and government?
Ω 8 годин тому
Windoze 10 supports all the software I am going to be using for the next ten years, and I have a separate computer that I can safely surf the interweb with that is not susceptible to hacking, exploits or viruses.
KangoV 8 годин тому
Us Linux users will have loads of second hand gear to choose from. Nice.
Greg Cookson
Greg Cookson 9 годин тому
I will never knowingly contribute a penny to Microsoft and if I can do them damage I will. Every Microsoft upgrade has cost me in terms of stuff I cannot run on a computer anymore. I have a Windows 7 computer to run stuff I cannot run on later versions, that I never connect to the internet. I have a Linux Mint computer for downloads and interactions with other devices. I have a chrome book for day to day stuff. I'm not buying a Mac either. Overpriced for what I need and not versatile enough.
Michal K
Michal K 9 годин тому
Its time to wipe dust off my good old Nokia 3310
Michal K
Michal K 9 годин тому
We need another Edvard Snowden
Boobson 8 годин тому
We dont he did enough and people still sleep. Now any change is in ours hands Monero, GrapheneOS, briar, session, tor-browser on PC Linux. Just start searching nothing can change without your move.
Billie 10 годин тому
took a quick look, and locally, a CPU that can run Win 11 retails at over $600, to say nothing of the motherboard it would need, possible RAM changes, etc, etc.
Skeptical Caveman
Skeptical Caveman 10 годин тому
Time to donate to ReactOS, so that older hardware still can run windows programs.
X Enyon
X Enyon 10 годин тому
I like it that an crappy laptop can run w 11 but a machine that is like 6 times more powerful can't 😅
X Enyon
X Enyon 10 годин тому
Microsoft should orientate on the users not the users on Microsoft, because they switched faster to mac or Linux than ms can think of
Manj Sher
Manj Sher 10 годин тому
Quick find Jonny English.
jimmytwogunz 11 годин тому
I've always said windows would go this way. I only use Windows for gaming.. my work horse is Linux " Security dev " if games had better support is driver's etc... I'd ditch Windows full STOP! it's about time game Devs moved to Linux and Nvidia etc..
Arlo De Parlo
Arlo De Parlo 11 годин тому
Isnt this discrimination in some way or another.. generating massuve amounts of ewaste
Ozren Cupac
Ozren Cupac 12 годин тому
I use arch BTW
Debasree Chowdhury
Debasree Chowdhury 12 годин тому
When my Laptop arrived I had the minimum system requirments to use Microsoft Windows 11
Phil8719 12 годин тому
I'd like to know the reason behind this CPU requirement, could it be a security thing? MS wouldn't stop so many people from using Win 11 and miss out on all the personal data they can harvest from them without good reason.
Ozren Cupac
Ozren Cupac 12 годин тому
I use linux and for me its funny to see people's reactions to these windows 11 system requirements
Kahn 13 годин тому
The minimum requirement for an 8th gen Intel Core processor or an AMD Zen-based processor is brcause they have TPM 2.0 built in. You can still run Win 11 on much older CPUs, but then you need to buy a separate TPM.
BillyB Gamer
BillyB Gamer 13 годин тому
When will people get real? Microsoft aren't withdrawing support for Windows 10 until 2025 so any CPU that won't support Windows 11 will be between 6 and 8 years old when you need to upgrade to Win 11 and at that point you're probably better off running Linux on it anyway because Linux typically runs better on old hardware and you get security of obscurity. Don't get me wrong I'm a computer nerd. When I but a PC I buy the latest & greatest hardware I can afford, my current PC is a i7 6700K with 64GB RAM and an M.2 Hard drive. It cost me over £2K in 2016 and as you can imagine it is not slow by any means even now. So under normal circumstances it would have quite a few years left in it. I also work in IT support so I could really do with using the latest OS at home so I can keep up with the leading edge of what I will need to support. Plus I buy computers at work so I now have almost 400 out of the 600 plus machines we have at work, which will need to be replaced to run Win 11. Therefore in order to maintain a consistent OS I'll probably be running Win 10 for a lot longer than I want to, although frankly for the first time in years the "consistent experience" I try to give users may be going out the Windows (Pun intended). All this said any tools which can help me fight off the daily cyber attacks we are subject to at work are welcome. The added security capability Windows 11 will integrate into the OS will be a godsend and can't come too early in my opinion and a large degree of that security comes from the capabilities built into the later generations of CPU. So what are Microsoft supposed to do? They want to use the latest security features they can, which is built into the hardware. But those security features don't exist in a mature form on anything earlier than 8th or at a push maybe 7th gen hardware, or if it was available in the Chip (as it is with mine, albeit in a fairly early iteration ) support for it certainly isn't available in the attached Motherboard, except maybe in laptops, so they're still scuppered. They could release a "security compromised" option with internal code effectively saying "if hardware exists use it else do this less secure thing". Totally feasible but how does it look when they get hacked? You can see the Headlines "Windows 11 vulnerability exposed - computers compromised!" Looks bad for Microsoft but what it actually is, is the underlying hardware doesn't have the security features that the software needs to operate to the necessary standards. It's like we're all a bunch of anti-vaxxers, refusing to get the vaccine but blaming Microsoft when we get infected!
Alastair Archibald
Alastair Archibald 14 годин тому
My i9-10900K, 32GB RAM and RTX2080 Super should be able to handle it. But the insider upgrade installer hangs at 35%, with a totally unhelpful "What needs your attention". I have tried everything I found online, such as incompatible emulator programs (I had BlueStacks and utterly blitzed it from my system, to no avail), I searched for TRUE instances of DT_ANY_FMC_BlockingApplication, searching many, many files, but the value was always FALSE. I then tried the Update Troubleshooter, but, of course, it couldn't identify the problem. I am totally pissed off.
Carol Garibay
Carol Garibay 15 годин тому
I get that he doesn't wanna get into the politics of it, but not even mentioning Israel is a stretch.
Anton Pictures
Anton Pictures 15 годин тому
Pegasus makes one feel so powerful
Danish Afwan
Danish Afwan 16 годин тому
Probably microsoft is moving into the next gen of operating system. Which mean, we all need better and updated hardware for it. To gain new things, we need to move on for upgrades. We cannot stay at the same hardware for new things for every single time isnt it? Quit whinning, buy new hardware. If youre not capable to do so, keep on windows 10.
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash 14 годин тому
What's with your boring avatar image?
Brian Perry
Brian Perry 17 годин тому
This is Microsoft admitting that there days are numbered. I would give it less then 10 years for Microsoft windows to fade away.
Nathanael Culver
Nathanael Culver 17 годин тому
If Qualcomm could produce an M1-equivalent, they would have done it already.
Roblox 101
Roblox 101 17 годин тому
I can run windows 11 on my amd a6
SHIBA07 18 годин тому
I hope this processor comes in 250$ price range in masses:)
Night-o 18 годин тому
ill be sticking with windows 10 until I'm forced out of it
Foxy Animater
Foxy Animater 19 годин тому
2 things, 1) have you ever heard of VMs? you can just run a VM of Win11 on something like Ubuntu if you just straight up cannot have it running on hard metal or 2) you can take the sources>install.wim(or *.esd) file from a Win11 installation disk image and overwrite the file in the same directory and file name/extension in a Win10 installer then just use that modified installer to install Win11.
Sike1234 19 годин тому
I can use Windows 11 and I am using right now.
G. aus W.
G. aus W. 19 годин тому
Bye the way.....Bitlocker (talking about TPM 2.0), the GOLD Standard for´s hacked already. There is a workaround, a Baby could use. - LET´S SAY IT IN CLEAR WORDS: TPM 2.0 (like all the Hardware requirements given by MS) IS ONLY MADE TO MAKE YOU BUY A NEW COMPUTER! IT´S A PROGRAMM TO REFRESH THE MARKET FOR INTEL AND MS! We all are forced to put our old Hardware to the Dump an buy a new Notebook all 2-4 Years (later: all 2 Years, every Year, every Half Year.....)...till this hole Planet is a Dump! PS: You want a Secure PC...go and put Linux on it. - When every Game on Steam will run perfectly flawless on Linux....WINDOWS will DIE !!!
G. aus W.
G. aus W. 19 годин тому
Windows 11: Your CPU is older than a Coffee...NO 11, your GPU isn´t on DX12....NO 11, your PC has TPM 2.0 not on Board....NO 11 !!! Your PC is DEAD for Windows in 4 Years (including Windows 10)...Sorry Dudes... Windows 11 is only for rich People who can afford a new Computer, every time Microsoft and Intel give you the order to buy : OBEY ! F*** YOU MICROSOFT !!!
The SeanUhTron
The SeanUhTron 20 годин тому
It's kind of funny seeing Windows become more like Linux. Hell, it's even getting its own package manager, winget. Regardless. I doubt Windows will ever run a Linux kernel. If Micro$oft ever switched Windows to a Linux kernel, the entire software industry would follow and begin making their software Linux-compatible. Then no one would have any need to buy Windows licenses because all of their software works on the free distros.
Cristian B. Choptian
Cristian B. Choptian 21 годину тому
the cpu thing is bs I've got a ryzen 2600 and I was able to instal windows 11 with no problem
Klipk 21 годину тому
tbh I don't see the issue. You'll still have Windows 10 supported for a good few more years, you don't have to get the upgrade
MarkAJAgi 21 годину тому
At the moment you can ignore the specs and run it on any computer. I'm runing it in VM VirtualBox in Windows 7 that was upgraded from Windows XP. 64bit 4GByte ram, no TMP etc. It runs, but verrrrrrrrrrrry verrrrrrry slow.
X Enyon
X Enyon 21 годину тому
It's also funny, a crappy laptop can run w11 but my 5 year old pc with a 1050ti and Intel i7 6.gen 16 gb ram can't lol
X Enyon
X Enyon 21 годину тому
Just use linux
X Enyon
X Enyon 21 годину тому
I mean it isn't like you just could say the processor its a new one
Adnan Baig
Adnan Baig 21 годину тому
Upgrade to freebsd or gnu/Linux.
a k
a k 23 години тому
This is never stop. Why it all can happen? Ask this question? Nobody does. Right? This can happen because of software have . It must move to hardware base. Software does only what mfg build. Like $1. Calculator. Or you become like dog chasing tail. One never good for all.
Demba Mbodj DIACK
Demba Mbodj DIACK День тому
Using Windows 11 on i5 5200U 😉
Rolf Persson
Rolf Persson День тому
Even some of the latest security updates for W10 makes computers break down with repeatedly "bluscreen"
Skykristal✨ День тому
I have an Intel core i7 - 10th generation, 16gb ram , Intel HD graphics and could update to the co_preview (the first stable beta Version I believe?!). I'm honestly confused about all the specs you need. I'm no big expert but I've heard at least intel-i8 and up is required / supported.
BlackPhoenix Family
BlackPhoenix Family День тому
That's fucking ridiculous.....why wouldn't this tool just check the CPU first!? O_o