R 38 секунд тому
I won't be buying this pad.
R Хвилина тому
Is it worth it? Now that you said it isn't, I trust you.
_fisher _king
_fisher _king 2 хвилини тому
Love the channel. Looking for suggestions on a good lightweight sleeping pad for through hiking.
Michael Zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman 11 хвилин тому
Michelle Ajema
Michelle Ajema 29 хвилин тому
Just came across this channel today. I like how he laughs after saying something funny. 😅😅
Chevy Trucks555
Chevy Trucks555 34 хвилини тому
That tent wasnt supose to protect against rain .if it say water proof and weather tested them you know it protects against rain
ChillinDave 1
ChillinDave 1 35 хвилин тому
Thx again Luke
Kerri Ribik
Kerri Ribik 38 хвилин тому
It’s funny , I’m pretty sure my one man nature hike vik 1tent weighs less than that pad. lol
Gary Wood
Gary Wood 41 хвилина тому
I've been hammock camping for many years now and can say without a doubt I sleep much better in a hammock than in a tent. My tent system and hammock system are just about equal in weight at around 6 pounds. Granted there are lighter tents to be had, but I don't own them and at this point can't justify the expense because the places I camp I rarely have ground level enough to even use a tent. I can set my current hammock system up as quickly as I can my tent, maybe even quicker depending on many rocks, roots, and sticks need to be cleared from the tent site, but I've had a lot of experience setting up my hammock and have got my system set up down pat at this point. I use a light weight square tarp pitched over my hammock in a diamond configuration that only requires 2 stakes to set up and zero guy lines to trip over. This time of year I carry a light weight under quilt and a Snugpak jungle bag that I unzip but leave a foot box so it's more like an over quilt and I do not need a pillow to sleep comfortably as I would sleeping on the ground so that's one less thing I need to pack. This set up keeps me comfortable down to about 45 degrees. My hammock is a DD that has a double waterproof bottom with sleeping pad pocket that can be used as a ground bivvy, has an integral bug net, and I believe it can even be set up like a bridge hammock for a flatter lay If one prefers. I have not tried setting it up as a bridge hammock yet. it's rare in my camping areas that I cannot find trees to hang from so my hammock system is far better than my tent system is. Six of one and half dozen of the other I guess. To each their own. Personally, I don't think you have found the right hammock system for you yet, but once you have and have dialed it in for your needs and expectations I think you will find it is just as easy as tent camping and a better nights sleep. ;-)
HOLY ETI 57 хвилин тому
Have you not got a pillow dude and its Corinthian not Carthenian. Good wee vid
trainjunky247 57 хвилин тому
Hey, if tasters nasty puts hair on my head, ill drink it!!! 🤣
Donald Evans
Donald Evans Годину тому
wow awesome , both of you were brilliant , living in wales we could never travel that far as it is a little small lol , ........
MountainSport Airguns
MountainSport Airguns Годину тому
Haha ultralight
James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth Годину тому
In my youth, inflatable pads had about as much life expectancy as a children's balloon. Thankfully, fabrics and adhesives have gotten many times better.
metro2002 Годину тому
When the specs showed i thought 0,9kg wasn't too heavy but then i looked up what my neoair xlite weights.. 0,3 kg lol. So yes 0,9kg is pretty heavy but it's also a lot cheaper.
Gene Dively
Gene Dively Годину тому
I thought the idea for 2 sided was the warm air heated by your body never lost heat to the cold side touching the ground. then your body would reheat... then so on...
Rudy Loedeman
Rudy Loedeman Годину тому
I used to have one of these but changed it to an insulated thermarest. When folded in half and used as a half one from head to waist it was doable but still made a lot of noise when turning around
Fritz Fritz
Fritz Fritz Годину тому
If it can't double as a floatation device, it isn't good enough to sleep on.
Camping with Sam Bananas
Camping with Sam Bananas Годину тому
Jeez it really is heavy for what you get. I'd love to see Luke review the Overmont pads on Amazon. I camped in 18 F with that pad and it's like $35.
CreatorInTrng Годину тому
For backpacking I used an old 'self-inflating' mattress (still had to top-it-off). Thin, compact, very light weight, strapped it to the side of the backpack (wherever it would fit to keep the treasured inside pack space for high-value items), and it kept most rocks from jabbing you - you learn how to prep a sleep area quickly. However, after too many years I had to retire it. Trapped hot humid air gets funky and potentially unhealthy. I still use a so-called self-inflating mattress; still have to top it off, but use a small palm size pump with a universal adapter. It's been a while, but still paid under $40 total. I tried the pool mattress - once, and gave it up; not just because of the quality issue, but you slip and slide all night long. Good sleep mattress will have at least one side treated to prevent that.
asbjørn midlander
asbjørn midlander Годину тому
THX for inspiration u 2 - are now a Lot of outdoor with Friends its awesome
Steven Ensminger
Steven Ensminger Годину тому
Good job brother ....
Glenn Shoup
Glenn Shoup 2 години тому
Luke do you get a lot of fall colors on lone Wolf mountain and what the temperature there
Ib Erik Söderblom
Ib Erik Söderblom 2 години тому
The "waffle-pattern-welding" of the pad, makes i heavier than needed. It uses to much material. Adding the internal layer, it makes the pad to heavy. It seems to not even have a very good R-value.
Mart 48 хвилин тому
Agreed. Heavy, bulky with a low R value.
Dave Casey
Dave Casey 2 години тому
I am moving to Tenn in sbout three or four weeks and you got me all excited about the BBQ at Mikes. Until I saw it's clear on the other side of the state from where I'm moving. Oh well, I'm sure there's other BBQ joints near Jackson. ;)
soctnights 2 години тому
Have to admit I’m spoiled with Starbucks VIA Frenchroast. When I had to travel internationally, I would order coffee they would bring Nescafé packet and hot water.
Fabio de León
Fabio de León 2 години тому
Lonewolf902 have made a Hammock Hot Tent Shelter, will you give it a try?
Jim Simpson
Jim Simpson 2 години тому
OMG Luke you just whine and complain too much about everything maybe sleeping on the ground is too much for you. You might try the Holiday Inn
Jim Simpson
Jim Simpson 35 хвилин тому
@Redwood Rebelgirl Oh by all means sir I am a well-seasoned camper and have been my entire life I just don't need somebody making the decisions for me I have watched Luke since he has removed his early videos of when he started and I have been a fan of his and I criticized as he does when it comes to the outdoor gear review thank you for your interest in my comment have a good day.
Redwood Rebelgirl
Redwood Rebelgirl Годину тому
Why are you here? Most serious campers don't want to sleep on $h!t, because it feels like $h!t. particularly if we are beyond our teens or early 20s. And, if you are a pregnant woman it's damn near impossible to camp without a serious pad. Are you 12, or just an edgelord?
jason boggs
jason boggs 2 години тому
SO, you want him to give a false review for this item???
Fred Schneider
Fred Schneider 2 години тому
I would think you are supposed to fill both sides all the way, that's how my sea to summit comfort plus was
H H 2 години тому
Thank you for this review!
earl shaner
earl shaner 2 години тому
Hi from Syracuse NY brother and thank you for sharing your thoughts and adventures and your family brother coffee time
Carlos Carvalho Travels
Carlos Carvalho Travels 2 години тому
Are these tents all made by the same factory in the same place? They all look similar, MSR, Naturehike, Lone Rider, etc!
snowymatrix thru-walker
snowymatrix thru-walker 2 години тому
Double sided pads are not a gimmick imho Exped have been doing them for decades. But yeah not needed for camping a few hours walk away from a town but you go on an expedition into the wilds then a good idea to have redundancy 👍🍺
Brian Hickey
Brian Hickey 2 години тому
Excellent review as always. The best thing is that Luke does real testing - not some half baked take it out in the yard, inflate and say - cool. This is the real deal :)
Just Jeanette
Just Jeanette 2 години тому
WoW that sunrise! Well done A+++
Slikx666 2 години тому
So they can't print the instructions on the bag? Stupid.
Mart 2 години тому
Good review and explanation. I recently watched a video of David Canterbury about sleeping pads/air matrasses. I'm not trying to advertise his channel here in any way but he reviewed some sleeping pads and said some stuff that makes a lot of sence. Realize what kind of sleeper are you. A side sleeper you will need a thicker pad. Do you move around a lot, don't get a mummy shaped pad cause you will roll off. Out of my own experience, I once bought a superlight mummy shaped therm-a-rest that was like 100 euro's. First time I tried it, I found out my arms were outside the mat on the cold ground. These thin ultralight mummy pads are prob fine for 100 pounds skinny girls. But I'm a 200 pound ex army recon operator. I'm 177 cm almost 5 foot 8" and got wide shoulders. Wide as in with a box in my hands, I will not fit through a normal doorway but have to go sideways. The sleeping pad I ended up buying was a Exped Synmat 9. My advise is: A sleeping pad is like buying a pair of shoes. You have to try them on. Don't believe advertising or reviews. Go to a store and try it. And please don't be a douche to try it out in a store and then buy it online to save some money. 👍
Soot Kettle
Soot Kettle 2 години тому
One sleeping pad that you could review is the Outwell Dreamcatcher 7.5 cm (3"). It is not made to pack in your backpack. It is way too bulky for that. But if you have transportation to your camping spot it is a sleeping pad that I can recommend you to try. I have both the 7.5cm and the 12cm (4.7") XXL version. The XXL version is a dream to sleep on. On both you can easily adjust the comfort with the valve while lying on them. A good night sleep is a good start for your next day on your camping trip.
Dennis Linden
Dennis Linden 2 години тому
Not for me...
Glenn Shoup
Glenn Shoup 2 години тому
what pad would you like
themocaw 3 години тому
I could see a double sided sleeping pad working if you inflated the bottom layer to max firmness and the upper layer to 50%. Then you could have a lower layer that was firm to keep you off the ground, and an upper layer that was softer to allow for more comfort.
Aziz Cimirotic
Aziz Cimirotic 3 години тому
Your recommendations have saved me tons man! Thank you for all you do man!
Ryan Farnham
Ryan Farnham 3 години тому
What these companies never think about is hikers and even cycle tourists are dead tired at the end of the day to want to do much if anything so convenience is a big deal when it comes to how quick and easy setup is.
Jean Williams
Jean Williams 3 години тому
I have it and I love it.
RMJ1984 3 години тому
As someone who is about 264 pounds and 6'5 inches. It's nearly impossible to find an inflatable mat that is long enough, wide enough, light weight and wont explode under my weight lol.
Matty Laa
Matty Laa 2 години тому
Exped mats with LW (Long Wide) in the name are 197cm/6ft5 long and ~65cm wide. Best made mat I've ever had, bloody expensive though but worth it.
Dave Casey
Dave Casey 3 години тому
I'm a plein air painter and my Redwing 50 holds all the painting gear I need. Have had it for about six years now and it's still going strong.
Son 3 години тому
just a point of info: Lyme comes from bacteria not viruses
Prepping Life
Prepping Life 3 години тому
Totally not worth it to me
reng223 3 години тому
Doing the good work! You are being fair, but don’t let Naturehike get away with peddling substandard products. Lol. Maybe they need to make some of their c-suite leaders camp a week with their products (If they even camp at all). I got the klymit static v since I see it so much on your adventures. It’s a good pad at a great price! Can’t afford a thermarest to compare to though😝
j s
j s 3 години тому
I could buy a pool float for 15 bucks that would be more comfortable. And have a giant unicorn head too!
Liann Islam
Liann Islam 2 хвилини тому
@Daniel Jones mine has a built in pillow and it feels like I am on a water bed at night I pull mine put of my tent and look up at the stars. This is why I love camping the views the culture food activities.
Liann Islam
Liann Islam 4 хвилини тому
@Daniel Jones I have a repair patch for mine. :)
Liann Islam
Liann Islam 7 хвилин тому
@j s I will buy a donut one and pineapple :)
j s
j s 33 хвилини тому
@Redwood Rebelgirl unicorns are the next flamingos. I betcha
j s
j s 34 хвилини тому
@Daniel Jones Eric the viking reference to pillows?
Linda Tisue
Linda Tisue 3 години тому
Yep, too expensive and heavy. Bought a house brand (Biltima) inflatable single bed for about $23, using for a 3rd year, weighs one kg about 10 cm blown up. Good comfort, I am a side sleeper. Only drawback it it takes about 40 breaths to blow it up.
Northern Sweden Stories
Northern Sweden Stories 2 години тому
@Linda Tisue haha. I think that if a tent needs a tarp to stay dry then it's not a tent 🤣🤣. Men kör på ändå!
Linda Tisue
Linda Tisue 2 години тому
@Northern Sweden Stories No, the Walmart heirs wouldn't allow it, I am in Sweden. Just FYI, Biltima's 200SEK tent is not quite as bad as you would expect. Had to buy one when my real tent was stolen off my bike during five day trip. Shouldn't have stopped at Lidl without tipping the door woman🙄. Need to put a tarp over it if it rains, otherwise functional.
Northern Sweden Stories
Northern Sweden Stories 3 години тому
They have Biltema in the US??
George Laurie
George Laurie 3 години тому
Nope that's not a good price or the pad for me thanx for review I'll not buy this one myself ill stick with my Coleman it's worked great so far
Hey, I'm Date Mike
Hey, I'm Date Mike 3 години тому
Stickin with my klymits 👍🏼
chief 10beers
chief 10beers 3 години тому
I'm 6', and I've been using a klymit static V 3/4 pad for years. I love it. I agree, the double sided pads are a gimmick
Mart 50 хвилин тому
Agreed, this just adds extra weight. Exped pads come with a repair bag. You can repair a leak in 5 minutes. Only time I got a leak was when i stored it next to a closet partially inflated and my cat thought it was fun to stalk and play with it and put her claws in.
E R 3 години тому
Thanks for the review. Hope all is well with you and yours. Strength and Honor.