I spent a day with people w/ OCD (OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER)

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I spent a day with people who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to learn the truth about this highly misunderstood disorder.
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AnthonyPadilla Рік тому
⚠️NOTE: i didn’t include pronouns for every guest because i don’t feel comfortable making any guests feel forced to display them when they didn’t wish for it. i would rather my guests feel most comfortable, rather than pushing them outside their comfort zone for the sake of consistency. thanks so much for understanding where i’m coming from ♥️
Space_Boi Рік тому
I can not stress this enough, OCD IS NOT JUST BEING NEAT.
OCD has affectively ruined my life since I was six years old. I am diagnosed with it, so I can speak about this from an inside perspective. It takes everything out of you, and seeing people pretend to have this disorder to be cute and quirky is awful for people who really have this. Anyone who has OCD, my love goes out to you. I hope you’re all okay. <3
Emma Mix
Emma Mix Рік тому
For me at least, OCD is like living in a time loop, especially when it comes to checking compulsions. You just keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, and you know you've been there, you've been there for so long, but you have to do the thing
Jordan Goddard
Jordan Goddard Рік тому
I've strugged with OCD since I was a kid. When I was young, I had no idea that it wasn't normal to imagine stabbing your sisters or that you might die if your food touched. It wasn't until I started researching as an adult and realised that intrusive thoughts were a thing when I finally figured something was up. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 29 because of the fear I had around talking to someone about it. There are so many misconceptions around it and I adore these three people for sharing their experiences. I understand what they are going through. Thank you for featuring OCD!
Aimee Dietrick
Aimee Dietrick Рік тому
Anthony seems like the kindest, most empathetic, hilarious person...When he “interviews” it’s more of a conversation and he actually LISTENS! His genuine concern for all ppl creates a safe space for all of his guests to tell their stories and while some subjects can be painful, I feel more educated and happy after watching each video. What a gift. Thank you!
AJ Рік тому
As a person who has been thinking they have OCD for many months now, this really has helped. I know no one in my life who can relate to my OCD symptoms, nor feel the way I feel. I finally I am feeling I'm not alone in my struggles with intrusive thoughts, and I now know I'm not going crazy for thinking these things. Thank Anthony, again. For covering sensitive topics like mental illness, and doing it so well.
mommy Рік тому
I’d like him to do “I spent a day with Pathological liars”
Jackson B
Jackson B Рік тому
I really appreciate that he had a trans person with OCD, Sam and Anthony’s comparison to being trans and having OCD to doing Rainbow Road mirrored and on 200cc is so fucking accurate. I’m very grateful I got top surgery but the ruminating my mind did once I got scheduled was horrendous, I have an obsession with being logical and seeing every side of every situation so I looked through anti-trans forums to make sure I had considered every possibility and man it fucked me up bad, and I like that Sam mentioned the prevalence of the word “MUTILATED” because that one really got to me. Post top surgery, I don’t feel “mutilated” at all, I just feel like me, I only regret putting off my surgery several times and just stretching out my suffering because of my ruminating.
Queen of Pentacles Tarot
Queen of Pentacles Tarot Рік тому
I had religious OCD when I was a Christian as a young adult. It has helped me so much to realize what I had. It's not fun. My heart goes out to these people.
Please, can you do "I spent a day with dyslexics" because there are lots of misconceptions about it and I feel it would be interesting for people who don't have dyslexia.
Fred2303 Рік тому
Earlier this month I was diagnosed with OCD. This made me re-watch this video. Now I'm almost cry laughing because I didn't realize that I was going through so many of the things that this video touches on. It's crazy how the brain can trick you into believing that everything is okay when it is not. This video actually helped me to understand my disorder a bit better now that I know that I have it. Thank you! <3
Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray Рік тому
As a person who has delt with OCD I really appreciate you doing this. There’s so many different types of OCD and it’s such a hard thing to explain to people exactly what it is because there’s no one thing that everyone does.
mia Рік тому
i hope the people who are like “ugh i’m such a perfectionist...i’m so ocd right now!” watch this... 😐
hello Рік тому
i’m 16 and i am diagnosed with ocd, and seeing this video really makes me feel happy. :)
Cheyenne Cole
Cheyenne Cole
I’d love to see one on hypochondria or health anxiety. I feel like it’s easy to blow off and make fun of, but I have it and it can destroy you emotionally, physically, and mentally
Boltmanectric Рік тому
As someone who struggles every day because I have OCD, I thank you Anthony and the interviewees for shedding light and pushing misconceptions away.
darke dive
darke dive Рік тому
I actually broke down watching this, thank you so much Anthony and thank you interviewees. it’s so easy to get lost in the modern world with all the negativity and easy to forget that you’re not alone in your suffering. We have a lot more common with each other than we are led to believe and sometimes you just need to hear somebody else say that they’re going through the same challenges you are. I feel a lot more connected with people after watching this and hope we can continue to grow closer together by having these types of open discussions. Much love to everyone ❤️ be good to yourselves.
Jessica Guanlao
Jessica Guanlao Рік тому
This disorder is incredibly time consuming. It takes me so long to take my meds , choose which item from the store (even though it's the same as the other items). My OCD is about the "temperature "of an object. Yes I perceive a cool and warm. I must choose cool. The warm means tragedy.
Ali Рік тому
I'm diagnosed with severe OCD and I was really glad to see this video. The only thing I would like to point out is that Freud's ideas on OCD have been thoroughly debunked... people with intrusive thoughts about violent things for example do not secretly want to commit acts of violence, they are horrified by that thought. I think pointing that out is important because people with OCD sometimes commit suicide because they are convinced they are secretly monsters for having such thoughts.
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