ESP32 Built-In Hall Effect Sensor
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Max Cederhage 4 години тому
Thanks for sharing. Exactly what I needed
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Kitécat TestEcke День тому
FTP upload now as a Video and you are a hero!
Programmer Waleedh Nihal
Programmer Waleedh Nihal День тому
Please in future videos put a screenshot of the code ok
Ilton Rotta
Ilton Rotta 2 дні тому
Instead of using the SD card, can i sent the information to the web?
iiitan tech
iiitan tech 4 дні тому
Can we use esp32cam like this. I want connect esp32cam for live streaming and photos from anywhere. Like this I want to make a html page for live streaming and capture pic. Please make a video and create a html page and write mysql script and connect esp32cam with web.
WistrelChianti 4 дні тому
Thanks! Very clear overview and explanation and nice test results. Out of interest, does ESPNOW work as an addition to wifi and bluetooth? Could all 3 protocols/radios be active at once? So for example, could I send control commands to an ESP32 via bluetooth, receive telemetry via wifi, and have it communicate with other ESP32's via ESPNOW all at the same time?
Suchit Mehrotra
Suchit Mehrotra 5 днів тому
It was of great help only 50secs were needed.
Colin Rogers
Colin Rogers 8 днів тому
This is really cool. I would like to learn how to use this same technique to turn on and off a small servo motor. Do you have any tutorials on that?
wuk kawak
wuk kawak 9 днів тому
Saludos... header += c ; ¿que hace esto?...alguien sabe?
Alisson Almeida
Alisson Almeida 9 днів тому
Funciona junto com o Blynk ?
Klinsmann Costa
Klinsmann Costa 9 днів тому
Hi,so we did this project we got major error .i.e. when we did a motion the led blinked but the esp32cam didn't capture the photo .the esp32 cam flash stays on it only blinks when we 1st giv supply plz can you help in any way?
Kevin aron dias
Kevin aron dias 11 днів тому
Hello Rui. I was watching some of your videos about ESP32 cam. very nice. What I need to do is create an intersection where I can delimit the image that will be saved on the sd card. for example the camera shows in real time in the browser and I indicate the exact location of the photo. would you know something that could help me?
GOPALA KRISHNAN 11 днів тому
Great Help and Thanks
Евгений Жолондковский
Евгений Жолондковский 12 днів тому
Hello! Great video. What about to make similar project with gsm module like sim800 or sim900?
Electrical Coder
Electrical Coder 12 днів тому
when i tried practical communication of two esp boards using espnow i get only 15-20metre maximum range not a completely open area ,almost 2-3 walls were there between the two boards. I still dont understand how people claim to have range of above 200metres oin blogs and videos .Do you experience the same Santos?
Kain Gaming
Kain Gaming 12 днів тому
thanks for the video! can i use only wifi on this?... i want to make a teleprecense robot that can connect both wifi and 3g
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Vithiyananthanesan Manuel Jeyanesan 13 днів тому
Thank you very much sir from srilankan Tamil
wjn777 13 днів тому
Nice board, thank you for sharing. In order to save power if you use a battery as source, it would be nice to not have the onboard LED, can I simply omit that, ans it will still work as normal?
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Rui your tutorials are amazing and comprehensive. please share more on this subject. thanks
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Pankaj Dang 14 днів тому
Viktor Sk
Viktor Sk 15 днів тому
hello and how to make it possible to enable and disable the motion sensor via telegrams
Viktor Sk
Viktor Sk 15 днів тому
hello and how to make it possible to enable and disable the motion sensor via telegrams
Leo Zero13
Leo Zero13 15 днів тому
Cara, meu httpCode está retornando erro -1 Já tentei varias configurações e não consegui solucionar... Poderia me dar um help com isso?
SebastianTV 16 днів тому
Hello! Could this be modified to have 2 or more Lora boards that send sensor data to the gateway? What would happen if the transmission is simultaneous?
Barry Cisna
Barry Cisna 19 днів тому
Hi Rui,, Thank You for this interesting data transfer concept with the TTGO board via SIM cellular networks . Appreciate it. Question What are your thoughts? To use one of these TTGO module for drone flying,,via GSM,rather than wifi 2.4 ghz (bypassing the wifi distance restriction) The drone broadcasts over wifi 2.4 ghz,,,so,, Could piggy backing one of these onto back of drone with small battery,, ( bridge wifi to GSM, in configs somehow) ,,wifi (TTGO) connects to drone wifi , with the drones SSID once TTGO is powered on,>>> TTGO sends data over GSM/cellular network to smart phone cellular connection,,,to wifi on phone so phone app could be used on phone same as wifi connected. The only thing cant figure out is how to make phone see this particular TTGO via GSM to gather data to the phones drone app ( to use the drones features via app such as follow me,, send video,,,photos erc) . . What am i missing? Thanks again
mike o
mike o 20 днів тому
Late to the party, but nice video. Following the instruction, I'm getting "brownout detector triggered" "Detected camera not supported" and "camera probe failed with error 0x20004". My module was marked "ESP32 with camera module OV2640" Any ideas?
mike o
mike o 20 днів тому
Let me answer my own question: I switched from the 3.3v supply to the 5v supply. Now it works. Great tutorial!
mike o
mike o 20 днів тому
55 seconds - great work, thank you!
Dave -in-NJ
Dave -in-NJ 20 днів тому
great video. I only wish that there was a free app and not one that gives away all my information to big tech.
KDE5FAN 22 дні тому
GREAT video and very easy to follow! Was the phone connected via a wifi or BT connection or was it USB? Would a cell phone be able to monitor more than one camera by opening multiple browser tabs/windows & could it record multiple inputs of multiple camera's? (even at reduced frame rate if possible/needed)?
gazzacroy 22 дні тому
thanks for the video.; it helped me a lot. im just getting into these things :)
HuskyInDismal 23 дні тому
Thank you for this video!! What if I want to change it to a momentary switch instead of a toggle switch?
Carlos Cárdenas
Carlos Cárdenas 24 дні тому
Hello, nice video.How to send the alert to several people?
Azmer MatTop
Azmer MatTop 24 дні тому
this esp8266 board what version? i still dont get the ip address. the monitor is blank. help me ASAP
TOXIK 24 дні тому
I'm using firebase, how do I set up multiuser Setup?? Wherein my android app access the data from firebase. But don't know how to setup multiple users
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Tuejj #BS 24 дні тому
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks 👍🏻
Daniel Fernandes
Daniel Fernandes 26 днів тому
Hi Rui, Greetings from Brazil! I have two questions: 1) I have a Module with 8x Relays, but it works with 12V, so how should I connect it to ESP32/ESP8266? I know I must use External Power, but how do I make the connections? 2) And that JDVcc jumper I don't understand what it's for. Thanks
Lilkaka Shi07
Lilkaka Shi07 26 днів тому
Can I use IR sensor to sense an object then commands the ESP32camera to take a photo?
Jason Buchanan
Jason Buchanan 26 днів тому
Very good. One comment. Make sure you make the SSID password long enough. Or you will have problems generating the access point.
Tech Inventor Aman
Tech Inventor Aman 28 днів тому
Lets say if you have this sensor and a heart rate sensor attached . Will the same system work , as both of the sensors will produce data at their own rate . And what i think is that as the whole page is getting refreshed it might need all of the data at the same time from all the sensors
Miftha Aritha
Miftha Aritha 28 днів тому
How reverse the output, Relay 16 channel have positif input.
Rubayet Khan
Rubayet Khan Місяць тому
Can I power this board with 9v battery through battery connector?(2)
harvin labor
harvin labor Місяць тому
2 years ago but still very useful. thank a lot .
Chris Call
Chris Call Місяць тому
Isn't the scope capable of all of this?
larry ciummo
larry ciummo 4 дні тому
Yes, that and more.
Rubayet Khan
Rubayet Khan Місяць тому
Can I power this board with 9v battery through battery connector?
Gregor T
Gregor T Місяць тому
OUTSTANDING STUFF! You guys are great teachers!
Soham Arora
Soham Arora Місяць тому
Could you share a link to the ESP8266Wifi.h library?
hari20001 Місяць тому
Thank you for the tutorial. I am getting Arduino error on compiling: ERROR: n file included from /Users/colinhiggs/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/2019_falmouth/TEAM 46/esp32sim800l/tutorial_online_1/tutorial_online_1.ino:60:0: /Users/colinhiggs/Library/Arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/1.0.6/libraries/Wire/src/Wire.h:35:1: error: expected ',' or ';' before 'typedef' typedef void(*user_onRequest)(void); ^ exit status 1 Error compiling for board DOIT ESP32 DEVKIT V1. Anyone got any ideas, Please, Thank u?
Sinolointentoreviento Місяць тому
Perfect Rui as usual!! Obrigado.
Farhan Jihad
Farhan Jihad Місяць тому
sir can u help me, i got problem like this when running program on website Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at file:///pressure. (Reason: CORS request not http). Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at file:///temperature. (Reason: CORS request not http). Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at file:///humidity. (Reason: CORS request not http).
Ante Місяць тому
Why doesnt i have anything on serial monitor once i upload it ?
Humming Bird
Humming Bird Місяць тому
Can we Controll led output of 1 volt
M Venkatesan
M Venkatesan Місяць тому
hi, how can i connect my Door sensor(Magnetic contact) to the Home Assistant file editor program code
Bagus 01
Bagus 01 Місяць тому
how to auto refresh chart sir?
StickyLab Home
StickyLab Home Місяць тому
that's possible to streaming wiedo to other ESP32 by wifi? Or exist way, to plug other esp32 by wires?
moonbeamyall Місяць тому
It works!! Thank you for the great vid 👍👍
Jepoy David
Jepoy David Місяць тому
Hi! Can i ask if how many module can handle esp 32 is?
eduroctav Місяць тому
Hi, Rui. Any chance I could use this code with the ESP32-CAM with the Espressif board? I searched high and low the web for a specific solution for the board with no luck. Thanks
Chris Roosa
Chris Roosa Місяць тому
Can this be used to check the sine wave of a power inverter?
Fernando Eid Pires
Fernando Eid Pires Місяць тому
Rui, por gentileza, me adicione no LinkedIn - Fernando Eid Pires. Seus vídeos são fenomenais, parabéns.
Ashiqur Rahman
Ashiqur Rahman Місяць тому
I have NODE MCU esp 32 wroom devkitv1 . It has no 5v output. (Only one 3.3v output) if I connect relay module eith external 5v power source and connect only the data pin with ESP 32 board, will my relay work? Will the ESP32 burn? I understand that the above question can be answered if I knew 1. Relay connected with just an external power source (no pins even data is connected with esp 32 board). What is the voltage reading of data pin of relay? [ I believe it should be 0, since this is just a triggerer] 2. Now I have connected relay module's data pin with ESP32's any data pin and relay's power is again given from external source. Will the ESP32 be able to trigger relay now? Please answer I am having hard times.
Patrick McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin 17 днів тому
I think you can use an external power supply for the relays and just use the esp8266 to trigger them see 2:34 for the jumper but that could be specific to the relay board you have, the one I have does not have the external power supply jumper
Ashiqur Rahman
Ashiqur Rahman Місяць тому
Is the relay module 3.3v or 5 v
Hans de Groot
Hans de Groot Місяць тому
Hi. Wil wifi still work when using esp now?
PARTHASARATHI Ravi Місяць тому
If we hot using wifi then why we need esp32 🤦
Andrey Baranov
Andrey Baranov Місяць тому
Hi, do you build these weather stations for sale?
Yannik Coderch
Yannik Coderch Місяць тому
When I have an normal ESP8266 01s, do I have to upload the Code to the ESP or the Arduino?
NewBest_Player Місяць тому
Hi! Would like to know if you can upload other lines of code after uploading this code to the esp32-cam? or you need to combine the two codes then upload it? Thanks!
dripmeex ok? :{
dripmeex ok? :{ Місяць тому
Exactly what i searched for! Thx
김기태 Місяць тому
Great work, but I have a question what is the purpose of npn transistor?
NeonAtom Місяць тому
How to do this on my mac. I am brand new. I've looked for what drivers to install but IDK. I'm on my m1 mac mini. and arduino IDE installed fine, the esp32 just isn't showing up as COM
NeonAtom Місяць тому
BTW im also using a ESP-32 CAM mb
taha ellasry
taha ellasry Місяць тому
thanks it worked perfectly <3
Sailing KIKE
Sailing KIKE Місяць тому
Hi Rui, ESPAsyncWebServer is not available... What can I do? Could it be that it does not exist anymore?
Станислав Манолов
Станислав Манолов Місяць тому
Hi, How did you rotated the video 90 degrees?
Haneesh kenny
Haneesh kenny Місяць тому
thank you Rui ; worked like a charm
Azmer MatTop
Azmer MatTop 24 дні тому
you install what version on board esp8266?
DarkShadowsX5 Місяць тому
i had it installed an working fine until it randomly quit working now i get a "java.lang.NullPointerException" when trying to install or remove the ESP32 in boards manager. it does the same thing in VS code. its driving me nuts.
Hussien Mohamed
Hussien Mohamed Місяць тому
Could I use the same project to control more than one home light bulb? Or I need to buy 8 channel relay module to control all the ceiling light bulbs in my room? "I mean the main voltage home light bulbs not the external light bulbs". Thank you.
pepeu Місяць тому
Is it possible to connect 10 clients to 1 server without any hiccups?
Ananda CM
Ananda CM 2 місяці тому
when I add the URL in the preferences and then goto Board manager, I am not able to see ESP. Also if I type ESP 8266 in search, install button is also not there.
buenas tardes puedo hacerte una sugerencia de video como hacer que una placa ttgo esp32 sim800l sea un access point o tramita wifi para que se conecte otros placa esp32